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  1. kharma09

    No I wouldn't recommend nursing

    Hmmm, in many areas of nursing it is
  2. kharma09

    Nurse manager or Human resources

    I don't think that contacting the nurse manager yourself would harm your likliehood of being hired and might actually increase it. Some human resource areas aren't terribly efficient and I actually had an application lost once. Had I not wanted the job and thought to call later to check up on my earlier app. I would have thought the unit just didn't need me. If I already have a small relationship with the floor that I want (ie. know people who can reference me there or have already even casually met the nurse manager) then I always call. I'm very polite, brief and ask if they might have an opening on their floor for my qualifications. Oftentimes, a nurse manager will be very forthcoming and offer advice or other areas to look which HR would leave you hanging on. If it's a larger facility they will probably ask you to go to human resources to officially fill out an app. but if you've peaked their interest, they will likely ask HR to put a rush on things so that they may interview you. That's happened to me enough times to feel good about the process. Kinda like already having a foot in the door. Just my 2 cents.
  3. kharma09

    What to ask a Nurse Manager

    Just a few of the things I might ask include: - Staffing, acuity, patient ratios to nurses and aides. - Scheduling requirements and how it is done. Is there self scheduling? How many weekends a month, holidays a year, if you'll be required to float or rotate shifts, how call offs are done and whether overtime is mandatory. - Benefits, vacation days, opportunities for advancement or continued schooling. - Is there a sign on bonus? Many facilities budget for this but will not offer it up front unless specifically inquired about. - What is your support in emergency situations? Do specific staff from other areas resond to these so that for instance, you can be readily available for the family or md. - Orientation period, payscale, bonuses, shifts differentials. - Your specific position and who you report to or what licensed personnel may be working with or reporting to you. - Ask to take a tour of the unit (this will both impress the nurse manager as well as educate yourself). Do the employees seem very stressed? Is it smelly? Does it seem organized? I did not accept a job once because I noticed that the employees didn't seem comfortable around the nurse manager although she seemed quite nice to me. I accepted another area in the facility and later on after speaking with employees from that floor, knew my instincts had been right. - Floor licensing or educational requirements. I hope this helps. Some of it may not be applicable to your particular situation and I do tend to go into the greater details when i'm looking for something longterm as opposed to the short. :)
  4. kharma09

    Why is it ok to euthanize animals but not humans

    Hmm ... interesting.
  5. kharma09

    The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

  6. kharma09

    No I wouldn't recommend nursing

    As the nurse to patient ratio and acuity level continue to increase (as seen in my own personal experience) I don't feel that the payscale is in proportion to potential liability (whether due to time constraint and an untimely short cut or simply a frivolous lawsuit which nearly everyone knows CAN happen and sometimes a flawed legal system allows to conclusion). As well, I wish that the health care system in general offered nurses better healthcare benefits as we are wearing out our bodies at a quicker rate than, in my own opinion, many other professional areas. I have to agree with some of the other nurses here when I say that I just don't know how I will be able to physically continue in this profession to retirement. I like the ideal of nursing being a calling and i'm impressed when I hear someone say that they want to become a nurse but sometimes I don't think it's the most logical of choices. My daughter is impressed by the money which I make (I don't work OT) but she says she will never consider nursing because she's seen the mental and physical toll which it can take. I would like to BE a nurse, but sometimes I just feel like i'm an educated assembly line worker.
  7. kharma09

    Nurses and our Healthcare Needs?

  8. kharma09

    Anyone Else Out There Marked Absent For Missing A Meeting?

    If we don't make 75% of our monthly unit meetings it counts against us at eval. time.
  9. kharma09

    8 hour vs 12 hour shifts

    I see the above alot. I personally choose 12H shifts because although they leave me physically exhausted, the near daily mental stress of 8H shifts was burning me out fast. It's nice having 4 days a week off. If I couldn't do 12's i'm pretty certain i'd need to find a new career. As things are now I can arrange my errands during off peak hours and my days off seem more relaxed. Relaxed mom = happy family
  10. kharma09

    Signing new grad contract?

    The term indentured servant comes to mind ...
  11. kharma09

    NCLEX - Psychiatric - Mental Health questions

    I took mine in the late 90's and it was full of OB and Psych. questions (which i'd aced in school, anyhow). Other people i've known over the years have had other focuses entirely or even a complete hodge podge. To tell you the truth, there's simply no way that i'm aware of to know what you'll get in advance. I highly recommend a prep course CLASS if you've any hesitations, though. They can be great for general review and confidence building. The class environment (as opposed to a book) is great because you have the instructor readily available and can observe peers experiences. Good luck!
  12. At 3 of the Florida hospitals where i've done medical surgical (1 south and 2 gulfcoast area) the computer saved us so much in charting time that we were given more patients. Of course, then there's more charting. As well, the more patients the better you better be at balancing your patient bedside demands. We are expected to chart within one hour (and preferably immediately) of when something is done/assessed as the computer logs our real time. Were computers at bedside, perhaps this would be more reasonable. Some of the nurses where I work actually admit to sacrificing bedside care in order to 'technically' look good. I do recognize the definate possible advantages to computer charting but feel that some employers are using it as a tool to better push the envelope.
  13. kharma09

    Where have all the experienced nurses gone?

    Me: "Thunderwolf, I feel a need to respectfully disagree with you regarding your response to RN34TX." You: "And for additional info, members are not to criticize mods on the board...against TOS." Thunderwolf, I did not realize you'd interpret disagreeing with your opinion as a personal critique of yourself. My intention was to be supportive of my peers. Do you feel it is unethical to occassionally question the 'establishment' or how we view our environment? Is this not exactly how healthcare issues are frequently addressed ineffectively, if at all? I did not intend any personal attack toward you, simply a review of where RN34TX may have been valid (in my own opinion). Likewise, MANY aides vent at this sight (and on the floors). Yes, i'd have no problem repeating any of this to any healthcare members face to face. I do not know what TOS stands for. Although I cannot agree with your opinion I do wish to thank you for your time & efforts regarding board monitoring. It must be quite time consuming. Thank you for 'hearing' me.
  14. kharma09

    Where have all the experienced nurses gone?

    "Small request here...could you edit it a bit. I'm glad you did not generalize it to all of them. Whew! But, as it stands, you set yourself up for an attack. Acknowledging your frustration with having experiences of lacking pca/cna and secretary support and folks taking frequent smoking breaks could be worded a little better." Thunderwolf, I feel a need to respectfully disagree with you regarding your response to RN34TX. This nurse seemed frustrated, as we all get at times, and I do not think that encouraging that person to censor themselves is particularly therapeutic nor respectful of their personal experience. Nearly any statement a person makes may be misinterpreted or considered outright inflammatory (by some) but as long as reasonable measures are taken not to demean a particular person, abuse or foul language utilized, then what's the problem? One of the best things about this forum is the ability to vent and share experiences/feelings. Sure, I do not agree with some people. Sure, I feel that some even appear hateful - and those are the ones which I skip over. Still, I respect that sometimes it's only human just to want to be 'heard'. Which is more important, being politically correct or being honest regarding ourselves? Minimizing (or sweeping under the rug) one's personal experiences or feelings only hurts us all in the long run as problems are then less easily identified or addressed. Just my opinion. Thanks for letting ME vent.
  15. kharma09


    Thanks rjflyn for your input. I am currently checking out state employment opportunities but the application/hiring process seems very lenghthy. It looks like i'm really going to have to buckle down if I want to get into something like that.
  16. kharma09


    Hi! I live in southwest Florida and would like to relocate somewhere mid to northern area. Is anyone aware of any employers who offer pensions for rn's? I work in a hospital but might be open to exploring another area if it'll help me to prepare for retirement (am currently in my 30's). Thanks in advance!