1. Hi Everyone'

    I'm a student nurse entereing my rotation on a med-surg unit and I need to buy a stethoscope. I would like to know what scopes any of you are presently using, are you happy with it and what one would you recommend?

    Any help you could provide would be greatly appriecated.

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  3. by   Koryp
    I've had a few over the years and can always recommend a litman. Now I use a litman master cardiology at work and keep a cardiology III at home. As a great scope for a student I would recommend a Litman Master classic. I had one a few years ago and loved it. It ran around $65-70 and had great acoustics.
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    I agree, a Littman scope is the way to go! I have a master classic II and the acoustics are great! They are a little pricey but well worth the cost when you compare the quality to a sprague scope! Good luck with your nursing career!

  5. by   lv2ski

    I like the Littemann lightweight. Comfortable around the neck. Not too long, or short and good sound. Costs around $50. Good luck
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  6. by   neuroRN
    I had the Littmann Select II during school, and now I use the Cardiology III, love them both, great acoustics.
  7. by   OhioCAPDNurse
    Funny story, when I went to buy my first Littman ( my hubby made me wait until AFTER graduation for a "nice"scope) I went to the store, like the Cardiology II, about $150 and the saleslady asked me what kind of nursing I was going into. I told her med-surg-renal and she shook her head and said, "Oh no dear, that is TOO much stethoscope for you" and tried to sell me a cheap one!! I bought my CII elsewhere, and for cheaper! I love it.
  8. by   Sleepyeyes
    I got the CII, and I'm sooo glad. It's like the difference between stereo and hi-fi.
  9. by   AIS52
    My father has been a CCU nurse for ever- when it came time for me to buy a stethoscope he kept telling me to buy something inexpensive like the LIttmann Lightweight because there is no difference. I bought the Master Classic and he laughed at me every time he saw it. Claimed I had wasted my money- right up until the day he forgot his at home and borrowed someone else's Littmann Cardiology 3. Two days later and he owns the $180 Master Cardiology.
    My point? Don't let anyone tell you to buy cheap and that there is no difference.
  10. by   JailRN
    I have a Litman II, and love it. My husband, who is a 2nd semester student nurse tried it, but was difficult to hear for him. We went on line and found a Phillips, very pricey, $220 he said. Hecan hear much better-it's amplified.
  11. by   preciousnurse
    I have a Littmann Cardiology III. This is a really good stethoscope. My advice to you is to order it from a nursing uniform catalog vs buying it in a store. It will be about 20.00 cheaper on the wallet
  12. by   AMV
    Has anyone tried the "Ultrascope" stethoscope? I am about to replace my classic Littman and have heard a lot of great things about this new brand, but can find little info on it....
  13. by   RN-PA
    I hadn't heard of the Ultrascopes, AMV, but did a Google search and found a few sites with info:

    I started out with a Littmann Classic II and thought it was pretty good, but when I accidentally stepped on it and broke the tube, a coworker suggested the Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope (I have the 27 inch model) and I found it advertised in a Nursing magazine for around $125.00 two years ago. (It was from Budget Hospital Supply Co.) There was a noticeable difference in the quality of the accoustics and I love this stethoscope. The worst thing is having to use the cheapo stethoscopes the hospital provides as dedicated equipment when a patient is on isolation (contact precautions, for example). I cannot hear much of anything through them and often resort to using my trusty Littmann and wiping it down well afterwards with the disinfectant/antibacterial stuff provided.
  14. by   AMV
    Thanks for the links! I have been searching thru here and have found several people say that they liked the Ultrascope better than the Cardiology (Littman). It's just so funky looking! Littman is the old favorite. I saw one post that said a nurse invented this stethoscope. I think I will have to go to the Scrubs and Beyond store at the mall bring hubbie to listen to him and compare. They said they would let me try them out.