K pack??

  1. I hope this isn't a stupid question... but a dr ordered a k pack bid on a patient I was discharging today.

    I have searched the internet and can't find anything. Does anyone know what a k pack is??
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  3. by   MBA2RN
    He might've wrote for a "K-pad". It's used in placed of a heating pad, except it uses heated air, and can't burn the patient. I've seen them ordered for patients with muscle pain.
  4. by   morte
    K pad rang a bell for me as well, but when i searched couldnt find.......and i could see, if it were hand written that you could mistake K-pads for K-packs
  5. by   deelyn4
    Yeah, it could have been k-pad... Do they make k-pads to be used at home? Or are they specific to hospital settings??
  6. by   iluvivt
    Years ago I would see this as an order for KCL in a powder form and the bid component would lead me to believe this is a medication order....of course the easy solution is to just call the MD and seek clarification of the order. I do not think they are requesting a K-pad...as a pt would just use a regular heating pad on a low setting.......I used to work for a huge DME Co. and we did not rent out K-pads.
  7. by   ghillbert
    Don't ever guess at an order. It needs to be clear and unambiguous. Call the doctor.
  8. by   deelyn4
    I know to call the doc...but it was a situation where the doc did the discharge instructions with the patient. I was looking through the paperwork after patient was gone. I saw on the copy of the med list for the patient to continue what looked to be "k pack twice a day". I was just looking for information to see what that actually was.
  9. by   mcknis
    Quote from ghillbert
    ...It needs to be clear and unambiguous. Call the doctor...
    This should be taught in Med school, but don't think it is. We have one doc in particular that we feel didn't passed K-12 basic speeling, but was somehow able to pass med school. Over edumacated ediot we beelieve (all mistakes meant to show common mistakes made by this specific MD). He, in particular, becomes very upset when calls are made to seek clarification of orders, but when I am uncertain, I will definitely call. Have been chewed out royally many times because i have called for a clarification, when no one else wanted to call. I can't wait until all orders are typed per MDs!
  10. by   nrsang97
    I wish they had to type all orders. That would save a lot of time and effort.
  11. by   kermitlady
    Could his Z just looked like a K? The only thing I can thing of is a Z-pak.
  12. by   kookla317
    try asking a CNA what it is, I bet they will know... we know more than we're given credit for
  13. by   snuggles49
    Quote from kookla317
    try asking a CNA what it is, I bet they will know... we know more than we're given credit for
    No disrespect but CNA's don't interpret orders.
    I love all our aides but I would not ask an aide to interpret an order. Sorry
    The order was not clearly wrote therefore the nurse was unable to know what was being ordered. The oder should have been clarified prior to discharge regardless if the doc gave the patient the instructions or not. Also, to bad if the doc gets upset if you ask to have an order clarified . It is your liscense not his and believe me he will not back you if you sent the patient home with the wrong instructions and he shouldn't if you didn't take the time to clarify the order.
  14. by   dharmabum
    anyone know why it is called a Kpad,