Medical Missions for Nurses?????


I am a nurse at a top NYC hospital and I am looking to volunteer somewhere abroad for a week or several weeks.

Can anyone out there recommend an organization that I could do a medical mission through? Or at least some info as to where to start? I have googled but there is just so much out there it's hard to weed through all of the different organizations/websites.

Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

-Nurse Julie, NYC


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I can't be of much help, unfortunately. However, I'm highly interested as well and will be following this thread.


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There is a volunteer forum on this board that may be of help if you read some of the older posts.


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Oops ... forgot to mention it under the "specialties" category

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Moved to the volunteer nursing specialty forum. There are few threads in this forum with information for nurses who wish to venture on a medical mission. Good luck in your endeavors.

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I suppose much depends on your specialty and experience, preferences in country and financial budget for the trip. For many of the overseas trips, you will be paying your own airfare/transfers as well as expenses toward your room and board at the site. This can be anywhere from $400 to $2000 from my experience, (excluding airfare). Needless to say, your accommodations and provided supplies might be much more rustic (and outdated) than you're used to working and living in the NYC area. My suggestion - start with a shorter trip to feel out the organization and how well the trips are put together before committing to a longer tenure.

I can't recommend Remote Area Medical (Remote Area Medical) enough. I've been on a number of their trips and return every year for more. I prefer to participate in their U.S. based events (usually 2-3 days of triage and assisting in other areas - medical exams, dental, sorting eyeglasses), but they do a fair share of events overseas as well. Check out their schedule and contact them directly with any questions - they are super nice and appreciate their volunteers.

I've heard good things about Mercy Ships, but I didn't spend enough time in the OR to be of much good to them as a RN. I imagine if you have periop experience, there are many, many good organizations to choose from; so many trips are surgical excursions to established small clinics and hospitals. Good luck and thank you for wanting to volunteer!


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I have volunteered with MEDICO and highly recommend them. They serve Central American countries and the trips are 1 week long- no religious aspect. I have also heard great things about Project Helping Hands. Keep in mind the trips will cost you about $1500 and up but it is an amazing experience.


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Have you looked into Remote Area Medical-check their website. They staff a women's health clinic in Guyana plus, on occasion offer other international opportunities. I've volunteered at their weekend clinics in Tennessee-the group is really well organized, like the SWAT team of health care-they come in, set up, treat, break down and are gone in the night leaving behind good results. I've also volunteered at their main office in Knoxville, TN-an old school they rent for $1/year.


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I have traveled with Cross Cultural Solutions to Salvador, Brazil and with Elective Africa to Malindi, Kenya on medical trips and I loved both companies. I also will be traveling to Ghana in October with Compassionate Journeys to work in a remote medical clinic. Several co-workers have volunteered with PeaceWork Medical in South America and have had very positive experiences. Please feel free to msg me or comment back for information or questions on any of these companies.

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I am traveling with Prevention International: No Cervical Cancer to Kenya this August. If you are interested in women's health, they are worth checking out. They do trips to places in Africa, Central America, and India throughout the year. They train and educate local health care providers to do cervical cancer screenings. Home |


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I am traveling to Kenya with the Church Missions Network for 2 weeks this summer. I know nurses who have gone with them in the past and it changed their lives. I can't wait to go!