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does anyone know what joint commission recommends for med administration times in our hospital we are supposed to give meds a

1/2 hour before or after scheduled time try that with 5 patients all with 9am meds it's impossible!

the rule is an hour before and an hour after, the prescribed time is allotted.

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That's what I've always been taught All4Nursing. I haven't heard of any changes.:nurse:

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CMS, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, require the 30 minute before and after restriction.

ISMP recently did a poll of nurses about compliance.

CMS 30-minute rule for drug administration needs revision

Less than half of respondents were compliant. This article also contains a well written comment by a nurse explaining why the 30 minutes is nutso.

Hopefully, these results will trigger some realistic changes.

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Thanks for the update nursej22. I did not know that!

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I know at my hospital we can give meds 30 mins before the scheduled time or 30 mins after. that way we aren't frantically keeping up and possibly doing a med error. I know other hospitals allow an hour before/after the time.

I work at a State facility, we have an hour and a half-- both ways ( before and after what you see on the MAR) - and it is still considerd with-in the time frame.

large, university associated teaching hospital with computerized charting. we've got an +/- an hour.

On my gen med floor, averages 5pts of varying acuity, getting everything in the hour that +/- 30min would allot, is slightly faster than the norm. I agree with the revision, with the though that the nurse would have the critical thinking to prioritize meds (oh God Almighty, how I hate 0600 nexiums! espeicially if they're the only thing at that time.)

I work in oncology and at our facility they also state that we are to give meds within 30 minutes before or after scheduled MAK time. However, in my unit each patient has about 20 meds a piece, 4-5 which are IV route. I would like to know how they expect you to hang 2 antibiotics, albumin, and mag at the same time 0900? You are right, the times are completely nuts, but they usually allow us one hour both ways in general because no one can generally make the 30 minute mark.

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