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  1. Lizzie21

    Never enough-vent

    People expect us to be freaking super heros and do a million things at once. It can get tiring!
  2. Lizzie21

    New graduate moving to colorado please help!

    If I were you, I would not come out here to find your first job. I would stay in NY and gain experience there. It is a TOUGH market out here. The nursing market is saturated with new grads due to all the nursing schools here. I graduated last march and it took me until august to find my first nursing job. I work at a denver area hospital on a med/surg floor. Although it's not my dream job, I had to take it, because there is nothing out here for new grads. All job descriptions require 1-2 years of nursing experience. Have you started applying? Have you talked to any of the nurse recruiters at the hospitals? that may help.
  3. Lizzie21

    Denver School of Nursing--BSN experience

    I went to DSNand graduated March 2010 with my BSN. I currently work at St. Joseph's Hospital and love it there. I'm on an internal medicine unit. I was placed at hospitals for all my clinicals. I did Swedish, St. Joe's (a few times), Porter and Littleton. I know a lot of hospitals are taking us in for clinicals. As for accreditation, I sure hope that they get it. That would open up many opportunities for new grads to work at university and children's (which is where I want to work some day in the NICU).
  4. Lizzie21

    14 months on job and feel so overwhelmed at times!

    We all feel that way. Some nights when I work I get a heavy load of pt's plus admissions. It is ridiculous. What I do when I get nights like that is I always just take one minute. Yes one minute to breath in the med room. It really clears my head and helps me focus on what the tasks are at hand. It's important to always ask for help and tell your charge RN that you are feeling overwhelmed. they'll listen. I hope this helps.
  5. Lizzie21

    How soon were you issued a license #?

    For me it took like a week or so. Not too long!
  6. Lizzie21

    Mom/baby Jobs in Colorado

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering if any of you new of any mother baby nurses out there who could help a nurses dream come true of finding a mom/baby job in colorado? any advice would be helpful!
  7. Let me give you some advice, being a new grad myself working nights and on a busy med/surg floor. I think it's great. I haven't really fallen into a sleeping routine, but it will come with time. I feel that it can be slower paced than the day shift. Most of the time your pt's are sleeping and you don't have to worry about them really. Also, I felt that I can really take my time and learn new things. Also get my charting done early. Plus you get shift differentials when you work nights. That always is good to make a bigger pay check!
  8. Maybe, if they paid for the education and you didn't get your bsn.
  9. Lizzie21

    opinions on Magnet hospitals?

    I work at a Magnet hospital and love it. The floor that I got hired onto has a very low turn over. The last time someone left was about a year ago, because they needed to move back home and take care of a loved one. I feel that everyone from doctors, pharmacy, CNA's, RNs, residents, NP, ect all work together and really help each other out. I feel that I do a lot of things at the bedside. I know the pt's enjoy it more as well, but having our attention. Plus most hospitals where I am from are only going magnet.
  10. Lizzie21

    When do the butterflies go away?

    Hey everyone! So I am a new graduate nurse who has now been on my own for 3 weeks. Every time I go in for my first night shift I get really nervous and scared and don't want to go in. I get these butterflies thinking that if something happened I wouldn't know what to do or how to handle them. All the nurses I work with are super sweet and nice to talk too and very helpful. I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin and be a good nurse. How long it did take some of you experienced nurses to get over this fear? any advice for this new grad? Thanks everyone and happy holidays!!
  11. Lizzie21

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I'm not sure. Try again. I think when I did it and took my over the weekend the credit card thing didn't come up. don't quote me on that though.
  12. Lizzie21

    Finally happy!

    YEAH!!!!!! I'm so happy that you are loving your job!!!!!
  13. Lizzie21

    DNR does not mean do not treat, people!

    I feel like I've heard this too at my hospital. It just shocks me on how people are that silly when it comes to DNR. We still care for the patient and treat them for what they came in. Not just let them hang out to dry.
  14. Lizzie21

    New grad? Here's what you can expect..

    I sent out over 100 resumes, before I got my first call back for an interview. I also live in Colorado and the job situation here is pretty horrible. I'm in the float pool at st. joe's and I love it there. However once my orientation is over my job goes from full time to PRN which is really scary. I feel very blessed to have a job and gain some experience. I am applying to positions that are opening up at the hospital, because us new grad float pool people get the chance to interview on the floors first before anyone else, which is good.
  15. Lizzie21


    You are too cute! Happy Halloween to you too! I'm not working today, but I also don't dress up for Halloween. i was scared so badly as a child on Halloween that I've never dressed up again.