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Yes, it also depends on how many people that are applying

You applied already?


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No I haven't because I was so anxious.


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How many get accepted into the Lpn to rn online program ?


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I think I'm going to apply but I'll take it again if anything


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Hi Journonurse;

Yes you will get accepted. I got accepted into the accelerate option for Fall 2018, but I declined it because of financial issues. I had 3.89 GPA and 72 on the Hesi.

I am applying again for the spring term and I scored better on the hesi 82.00


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Hello All,

I got an 84.8 on the Hesi and my GPA is 3.9. I already applied. I hope get accepted. I only applied to the full time program.


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Hello Everyone.

I didn't do so well on the Hesi, I got the minimum score so I barely made it. This is my first time taking it but I still applied to the program. I wish I could retake it but I can't until next year since the application is due September 1st. My science GPA for MDC is a 3.1, I am an FIU transfer student and FIU science pre-requisites are tough!! Maybe I have a chance to get in, who knows, I'm trying my luck. Also, I am applying to other schools.


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Is anyone applying for the spring 2019 bridge program ?


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It all depends on the applicants, usually the scores for spring term are lower therefore better chance at getting in if you didnt do so well on the HESI. My best friend was admitted into the program spring 2018 and she told me she had a classmate with a 2.9 GPA and a 68 on the HESI it all depends. My husband almost didnt get in 3 years ago with a 3.8 GPA and 92 on the HESI (fall).


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Hi everyone, I just took my HESI on the 17th; I haven't registered yet. I am a LPN, can anyone please tell me what do I need to bring for registration. Good luck everyone.

Nurses stand together, love


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Good luck to everyone applying for Spring 2019 as deadline is Sept 1st!

I will be applying for Fall term- ASN generic and accelerated option 2019. I have a BA in Psychology from FIU, so unfortunately no financial aid for me. Hoping to qualify for scholarships.

I'll be taking pre req classes starting next week: Chem w/ lab, A&P1 with lab, and Intro to Ethics (needed if you plan to apply to FIU's RN to BSN online program).

I'll be taking A&P2 w/ lab, Microbiology (w/lab as needed for FIU, not for MDC), and Intro to Healthcare + Lab in the Spring. Will also be studying for the HESI so I can take it in the Spring too. Yikes!!

Is anyone else in my boat for Fall 2019??

I'll be checking this thread to see how you guys are doing! Best of luck to everyone!!


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I'm an LPN will be taking hesi this Saturday by gpa is not the best but hoping to get into the bridge online option !