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  1. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Yup, those are the phone numbers I called.
  2. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Yea. What phone number did you call? Because I just called advisement and the health science dept and they said the same thing, "We don't know, keep checking your email." How annoying.
  3. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Oh WOW!. I need to know now!
  4. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Did you ask when are generic ft letters send out?
  5. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Hello All, I got an 84.8 on the Hesi and my GPA is 3.9. I already applied. I hope get accepted. I only applied to the full time program.
  6. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    I wasnt able to take past mondya. Im taking it now on this monday august 6. I would like to score 85 and above. any tips you can give me?
  7. MDC Nursing Spring 2019

    Hello Journonurse, I'm sure you will get accepted to the program, you scored high on the Hesi! I'm taking the hesi on monday, is there any tip you can give me for the exam? I'm really nervous and I hope i can score as high as you.
  8. Spring 2018 MDC Nursing Program

    Hello everyone, this might be a silly question, but for the RN-BSN program that miami dade offers do we need to get our RN license? and if so, how did you guys prepare to take the NCLEX with just an associates? besides the NCLEX, do we still have ...
  9. Hello, I saw that there wasn't a thread created for the fall term 2018 in nova. I wanted to know if anybody is already studying for the test, and if so, what book are you using to study?