May 16, 2006 is my graduation date!@!@!@

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This is what our instructor kept telling up sporadically during our orientation today!!!!. There was so much information to take in, absorb, write down....I feel a little overwhelmed, but nontheless I am very excited and ready to take on the challenge. My CC accepted 95 people for Fall 2004 out of 400+ applicants....according to my instructor we are among the elite...we are the best that our CC has to offer. I have to admit it felt good to hear... :). One of the highlights of our day was we changed our curriculum codes together. She passed out the curriculum code sheets and we officially went from pre-nursing to nursing felt so good.... We have a 300 page syllabus that we have to purchase for $15, inside the syllabus is our book list. I was happy to hear that most of the books that we purchase will be utilized through most of our 2 yr. program....which is absolutely great!!!! I met a lot of people, there were almost as much of men as there were women...which I was glad to see. I was able to get a great schedule...I'm taking my first nursing course, Micro, Medical Calculations and aerobics....I hope I don't pass had to take it to meet my 12 credit requirement to recieve my entire Pell Grant. I also ordered 2 sets of uniforms, they weren't as bad as I thought that they would look. We have to wear white jacket w/school emblem (it's hunter green and white) and hunter green shirt...the fabric is very scratchy feeling though, I'm going to have to find something to soften the fabric a bit. All in all it was a trying day.....the lines, etc. But I'm really looking forward to nursing school. I have to get really, really, really organized. With a dh and 4 children, it's going to be really trying, I can do it.... I'm graduating May 16, 2006!!!!



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on your transition from pre-nursing to nursing. You seem extremely organized. That is a good Nursing Quality. See, you've got what it takes to be an R.N. Things are going to get a bit wacky, especially during your first semester until you accustom yourself to nursing lectures and clinicals.

It's great that you said: "Graduating May 16, 2006". That shows great CONFIDENCE. Another quality of an R.N. {LOL} Make sure you never lose your Will to continue your nursing education.

I wish you the very best on these 2 challenging years.

I am also a graduate from a CC. I made it, you can too!

23_28_109.gif 3_2_2.gifFatima Future R.N. (Sounds good huhhh?)


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Congratulations, I am so happy and excited for you! I start this fall as well and can't wait to dive in and get to it!

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Congrats and good luck!

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hooray!!! you go girl!!!

i'm proud of ya! :)

i'm graduating may 2007! one year behind ya! :)

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How exciting! Congratulations, Fatima! :balloons:


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I could feel you r excitement in your post and became excited myself! I go to orientation today and will also graduate in 2006. Congratulations on getting accepted. That is wonderful. Keep your eyes on the prize and repeat again and again May 16, 2006 whenever you get stressed. I expect to see in a little less than two years from now a post saying....I GRADUATED!!!!!!!


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Hey Fatima, you graduate May 16, that sounds good! :chuckle


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