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For our math tests, it is med. math and we must get a 100% to continue. You have up to 5 opportunities to get 100% (different tests are used for subsequent attempts, obviously). Whatever you get on the 1st attempt is counted into your class grade.

If you don't get 100% by the 2nd attempt, you have to meet with an instructor for remediation.


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ARGH! That was supposed to be a reply to another discussion... OOPS!!!

Anyway..........what are the rules for the math tests in your nursing program??????

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For first semester we needed a 90% or higher on the "math for meds" test (we could miss 2 out of 20 questions). Fail once...you go to remediation. Fail three times, you are kicked out of the program. It makes sense though that you have to pass this test, otherwise how can you give meds in clinicals if you don't know how to figure out the dosage equations?

I'm not sure what it's like for the rest of the semesters.


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1st semester you must have at least an 80 average on 2 out of three tests. There are 50 questions at 2 points each. You have 2 hours to complete the test. (it actually took all of us longer than we thought it would - in many cases though it was because we went back to check as much of our work as possible)

After the first semester I think it may get harder.

The test consists of:

breaking down fractions as low as you can

changing 3 1/2 to 7/2

changing 7/2 to 3 1/2 (just examples)

adding fractions

subtracting fractions

multiplying fractions

dividing fractions

changing fractions to decimals

adding decimals

subtracting decimals

muliplying decimals

dividing decimals

changing decimals to fractions

changing decimals to percents

changing percents to decimals

changing fractions to percents

changing percents to fractions

ratios (involving decimals and fractions - sometimes mixed)

Word problems involving all of the above - you have to pick which one is appropriate to use

If you get a 94% (you can miss 3) on the first test, then you do not have to take it again. Out math grades go in with our skills grade.


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we have 3 chances to pass the math exam with a 90%.....it was supposed to be that the first grade counted in with your total overall grade (10%) then half the class failed and then they changed it so the 2nd grade counted...I was mad because I studied and passed first time around.....It's funny I have a BA in history and never really cared about how others did, but now it seems like I want to know how others did on exams and what they thought of them....Anyway...I thought the test was very easy...:(

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I am starting the 3rd to last semester next week. In the info packet we got last week we got info to expect a med test on the first day. Now, I have lots of experience, and am sure I will NOT have a problem, but does it ever stop? (background - I am an LPN and have matriculated into the day program with the "kids" who are going straight for the BSN)

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We have 3 chances to pass at 90%. If you don't pass after 3 attempts, you fail the course. If you fail two courses, you're kicked out of the program.

This year they're doing a study to see if students who use calculators benefit from them. They will randomly assign half of the students in the study calculators, and the other half will not have them. I'm crossing my fingers for a calculator! I've always been good at math (concepts, etc), but simple arithmatic sometimes eludes me!!

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We have 2 chances to pass with 90 or better, and there is a test each semester. Each semester there is new material added to the test also. If you fail to make the grade, you fail the class, and you only get 1 chance to fail anything--math, class, or clinical. The second time you are out of the program.


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we also must make a 100 every semester.. And its only drug calculations..

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We have to pass with a 90%. It is a 10 question test and timed for 30 min. I we fail it the second time we are dropped from the program and have to go back on a waiting list! So I can understand the stress!

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oh yeah,

we have to take it every semester. Do you?

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