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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has applied to the MGHIHP new accelerated BSN program? If so, what do you think your chances are of being accepted?... Read More

  1. by   lillies123
    Hello everyone! I love these forums..they keep us so informed!
    My first question goes to the accepted students of MGH Institute....Congrats on getting in! I want to know the basic student profile for the people who go accepted..such as GPA, recommendation letters(who wrote them for you),etc. I would LOVE it if someone didn't mind sharing it with me so I have an idea of what to do when I apply.

    My second question if for all the people applying to MGH that are on the same boat as I am....what other schools are you guys applying for and how much coursework have you gotten done? I would also love to hear any other stories!
  2. by   jalin_2009
    Has anyone received a financial aid package from MGH?
  3. by   marianne1624
    lillies -

    i'll be starting mghihp absn program may 2010. if you'd like to know the details of the grades, etc.. pm me or shoot me an email


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  4. by   oxojoyoxo2
    @marianne1624 : i just signed up for this site so i'm not sure how to personally message you yet.

    anyway, of all absn programs i've been looking at, mghip has caught my attention the most.

    do you know how many students they're accepting for may 2010 and what they're looking for in a prospective student??
  5. by   Tozz
    Last year they admitted 40 out of 400 applicants. I had just under a 3.9 on my pre-reqs, and 2.9 on a difficult undergraduate major. I wasn't accepted.

    Quote from oxojoyoxo2
    Do you know how many students they're accepting for May 2010 and what they're looking for in a prospective student??
  6. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from oxojoyoxo2
    @marianne1624 : i just signed up for this site so i'm not sure how to personally message you yet.

    to send a pm you need 15 or more posts
  7. by   oxojoyoxo2
    "To send a pm you need 15 or more posts"

    oic. thanks.

    @tozz: are you applying again?
  8. by   Rookie12
    hi oxojoyoxo2,

    I am in this years ABSN class. There were 90 of us at the start of the program, i believe we're down to about 85. I'm pretty sure they will have a similar size class next year but not positive?
  9. by   oxojoyoxo2

    wow! that's a large class! do you know how many people applied? how do you like the program?

    I have a sucky undergrad gpa but doing well in prereqs. i also have all the other necessary requirements. do you think i have a chance with a low gpa? do you know what they want in a prospective student?

    all the information i can get helps =D
  10. by   Rookie12
    hi oxojoyoxo2

    I believe there were over 400 applicants. There are plenty of people who do not have the best undergrad GPA's, I think the key if this is the case, is what you've done since your undergrad. They're really big on all the different backgrounds that everyone has. One of the reason's second degree bachelor programs have been such a success is that people have a lot of different life experiences under their belt that make them better nurses. So that would be my best advice is to play up whatever skills you have. Our class is very diverse and and we all bring something new to the table! Other than that, the program is going well. There is an insane amount of work this semester, but i'm plugging along. The clinicals are really my favorite part. I'm at Brigham and love it! If you want to know anything else, let me know! I can always shoot you an email.
  11. by   oxojoyoxo2
    @rookie12: Thanks! That helps a lot. Pretty much sell myself in my personal essay?! jk. In the past 2 years after my undergrad, I been working as a caregiver and work part-time doing a lot of customer service. I'm also filipino... the website says the Asian population is at 7%. I hope all that works to my advantage.

    I like this program a lot for so many reasons!
  12. by   j772
    I am considering applying here, but just learned that I need to retake my statistics & chemistry classes b/c they are more than 5 years old. I know they say you can have prereqs outstanding when you apply, but does it really matter when they make a decision? I have applied to other programs where stats doesn't have a timeline & chemistry isn't needed. I wanted to apply to MGH for this summer's class, but am not sure if it is worth it b/c prereqs are outstanding. Other than that, I have been working in healthcare/hospitals for about 5 yrs, have A's in all other pre-reqs & will have strong reference ltrs. Any suggestions???
  13. by   Rookie12
    you can petition them to waiver the time for those classes. Statistics hasn't changed so i'm sure they'll work with that, and if you've been working in healthcare and "using" chemistry they might let you waive that as well. Worth a shot...good luck!

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