Current 2014 new grad pay for Maryland hospitals

  1. I have seen old threads with new grad pay in many states, but I can't seem to find a thread with recent hospital pay for new grads in MD. If any MD nurse can list thei hospitals new grad pay, with differentials and any other helpful information for new grads! Thanks in advance.
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    Not a hospital, but I was quoted $20 hr plus $3 shift differential at a LTC facility as a new grad.
  6. by   AmeliasAunt
    I don't know exact amounts but I can tell you that Johns Hopkins and University in the Baltimore area are two of the lowest. I would guess that new grad rates would be anywhere from $26 to $28 per hour. I say that knowing that in 2011 new grad rates were approx. $24.50, so assuming that there was no freeze on hiring rates. Good luck!
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  7. by   PixieRN14
    Mercy is 27.03 an hour for new grads. Shift diffs are 2.25 for evenings, 4.00 for nights and 4.00 for weekends.
  8. by   jt2288
    Gbmc is 26/hr for new grads
  9. by   jt2288
    Hopkins bayview is 24/hr... Not 26-28 like previous person suggested. I have two friends that just started there as new grads.
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    Thank you all. Does anybody know new grad pay for any of the following?

    Holy Cross
    Shady Grove
    Medstar Montgomery General
    George Washington University Hospital
    Georgetown University Hospital
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    Shady Grove base rate is 26.48 for new grads
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    As far as GW AND GWUH, I would check the DC thread
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    PRMC in Salisbury is $23.something with differential. I'm sorry but I can't remember exactly how much it is. $3-4 I believe.
  14. by   MD_RN14
    I don't believe Hopkins to be one of the lowest paying. I was recently hired and it was explained that the main campus goes off a yearly salary versus an hourly amount. In my offer letter I was given a base rate of $57,767 which roughly works out to $30+ an hour. This is for nights and from what I've heard it includes your shift differential and holiday pay in that quote so that doesn't show up on top of this amount. That's way more than my friends at Medstar hospitals start off making! Hopefully this helps