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  1. AmeliasAunt

    Humble Nurses Do This

    I actually find the opposite to be true. I am going to have much more respect and a better working relationship with the person asking questions and taking accountability. It is the people who cannot accept criticism or blame others for their mistakes that I have the problem with.
  2. AmeliasAunt

    So Frustrated I want to quit nursing altogether

    This sounds very familiar to my current situation although I am not working bedside. While I do not encourage you to quit nursing altogether, I would suggest that you allow yourself to find a place where you feel valued and supported. Many managers underestimate how important it is to take care of their employees. As for me, I have been actively searching for new employment for a couple of months. Hopefully the right thing will come along soon. Good luck!
  3. AmeliasAunt

    Anyone else been turned off to academia?

    Yes, dudette. This exactly. Our program was just in probation in 2017. Our NCLEX pass rates are right around 60% right now, yet we continue to push through students who have shown us repeatedly that they are not up to the task. As you said, these decisions are made by administration while faculty are pleading their case as to why the student is unsafe. Just last term we had a student doing so poorly in clinical that 8 different instructors (full time and adjunct) expressed concern over this student continuing. However, administration passed her along until the school received a call from a clinical site with their own concerns. Suddenly, administration took action. Absolutely no faith in their own faculty. Unfortunately, I am currently looking for other employment outside of academia.
  4. AmeliasAunt

    Anyone else been turned off to academia?

    I actually make a pretty decent wage. I do believe it to be more than many other faculty jobs (even the knew new director thinks so lol). But honestly, I would not even mind the lower wage if we had quality students and actually spent our time teaching instead of constantly disciplining. It is, as you said, very disheartening.
  5. Hello... I am currently a nurse educator with an LPN program and I cannot wait to find myself another job. I cannot get over the amount of low quality students that are admitted, and the degree of bad behavior that we are expected to put up with. Students are essentially pushed through that have absolutely no reason being there to begin with. In addition, faculty do not work as a team and it's nothing but passive aggressive BS. Has anyone else found this with similar jobs? I am ready to just head back to the bedside to save my sanity.
  6. AmeliasAunt

    Staff Development/Nurse Educator

    I was recently contacted about a job opportunity at a long term nursing facility. This organization is prevalent/popular in my area, so I am somewhat familiar with them. I do not have any real opinions about the facility, but I have heard negative things about Staff Development positions at these types of places. I have been told that these are often 'scapegoat' types of positions and many times are asked to work on the units when staffing is short. I have no problem being a team player, but many people make it sound like the education aspect of the job is how one spends the least amount of their time. Does anyone work in a position like this that can shed some light? I'd like to hear experiences good or bad. Thanks!
  7. AmeliasAunt

    All academia like this?

    Hello... this is likely going to turn into a venting session for me, but I am honestly wondering if everyone's experience working as nurse faculty is similar to mine. I teach in an 11 month LPN program. I have been doing this work for approximately 18 months. While I do enjoy the aspects of teaching, I am finding it more and more difficult to work in my present position. Like most faculty, I care about my students and want them to succeed, however, I find myself growing increasingly frustrated with them. Students seem to have no concept of what it means to be in nursing school. They want to do the minimal amount of work, and receive an A in every class. They also have no concept of rules. Being a professional begins in nursing school and I am appalled by some of the behaviors of my students. In addition, the administration is so inconsistent when it comes to enforcing rules and holding students up to the standards of the program. If a student has a complaint because, God forbid, they fail through no fault but their own, administration will buckle and allow them to go through. Usually because they don't want the hassle of a grievance and/or lawsuit. No one seems to be holding the students accountable, and believe me I try, and I have started to feel myself just not caring anymore. Is this the norm in academia or am I in a bad spot? I have been exposed to this environment during practicum and as an adjunct instructor and I do not recall seeing these types of things happening.
  8. AmeliasAunt

    Sticky situation?

    Greetings.... So, I have a situation currently that I have never experienced before. I am actively seeking a new job (non-bedside, leadership type positions) and have been fortunate enough to be invited to interview for two that I applied for. However, they are both at the same hospital and will likely occur in the same week. I realize this may be no big deal, but I feel kind of obligated to mention the other interview at some point.... or is that a bad idea? I don't want to come across as being deceiving and I really would enjoy either job. But I also don't want to come across as "I'll take which ever job you want to give me" either. Thoughts?
  9. AmeliasAunt

    White Scrubs and That "Time of the Month".

    Go to shethinx.com. You're welcome. :)
  10. AmeliasAunt

    Clinical Paperwork

    I feel like I am doing everything! Lol
  11. AmeliasAunt

    Clinical Paperwork

    "In my ASN program, we showed up to the hospital the night before and chose appropriate patients for the next day and spent all of that time on our clinical paperwork including on care plans and med lists info during that time." Unfortunately, this is not an option in my program. I don't know... maybe I just had a bad batch of students last time around?!
  12. AmeliasAunt

    Clinical Paperwork

    Hello, and thanks for your reply. The students are in the chart searching for information to help them complete their paperwork. I have done as you said and "laid down the law" about computer time, but it continues to happen. I have restricted their computer time between certain hours of the day and limited their time to 20 minute intervals to avoid a student sitting at the computer for an hour or more. They turn in their paperwork the next day or even a couple days later, so it isn't like they don't have time to do their work after school/clinical. It is just so frustrating because they give me the impression that they do not fully understand why we are there or what the job of a nurse truly entails. (and they never will if they sit in front of the computer all day.)
  13. AmeliasAunt

    Clinical Paperwork

    Good morning, I teach in a full time nursing program and two days out of the week, we are in clinical at the local hospital. The students are given 1-2 patients in which they are expected to perform a head-to-toe assessment, complete AM care, and to perform any other needed tasks or skills (foley, NGT, ostomy, etc...). My expectation is that the students will be providing care and attention to their assigned patients for the majority of our time on the floor. However, my issue is clinical paperwork. While we do want to see a written head-to-toe assessment and have the students become familiar with the patient's medications, I struggle with keeping my students engaged with the patients and not so focused on completing their paperwork while at the hospital. Many students will spend entirely too much time on the computers instead of being with their patients. I have made it clear on several occasions that this is not the expectation but it continues to happen. Unfortunately, with 8-10 students on the floor at any given time, I cannot be with or watch each student all day. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Should I get rid of the paperwork? Thank you.
  14. AmeliasAunt


    I am an LPN instructor in Pennsylvania and in my experience, RNs absolutely love working with LPNs. I get nothing but praise about my students in the clinical setting and each of my students have a job before graduation. As others have said in previous posts, you are not just an LPN. You are a valued member of the healthcare team. In PA, the scope of practice between an LPN and RN has very few differences. Best of luck! :)
  15. AmeliasAunt

    Students and Facebook

    I am by no means monitoring anyone's Facebook page. The situation was brought to my attention by another student.
  16. AmeliasAunt

    Students and Facebook

    Thank you for the replies. I agree that Facebook is Facebook and much of it can be taken with a grain of salt. However, as professionals, I also believe there are boundaries when it comes to students. This particular student, when dismissed, did not go quietly. She filed a grievance, and lost, but has also threatened legal action against the school. Do I think she will pursue any such action? Not likely. But, if she does, our faculty having any contact with her outside of any legal proceedings is a huge conflict of interest. Not to mention that she bad mouths our school and our program all over town to anyone who will listen. The social media policy at our school does not address interactions between student and faculty.

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