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:)Hello Everyone, I applied to CCBC's nursing program for spring 2011 and did not get accepted. I have reapplied for this fall and am anxiously waiting to see what will happen this time. My... Read More

  1. by   RN-4Ever
    Well, Gaelros some schools do take it into consideration that you have applied before; especially if you were a qualified student. For example, I don’t think it is fair for someone applying for the first time and has an application very comparable to mine get accepted and I would get rejected.

    Also, it isn’t fair for us students who are finished all prerequisites to have to sit and wait while others are getting accepted and still in A&P 2 and taking Micro. It says on their acceptance letters they are accepted as long as they get a C in both classes. Yet someone who has the same grades, but a C in Micro and a C in A&P 1 are not accepted because those grades are not good enough.
  2. by   RN-4Ever
    By the way, I got all B's in my sciences.
  3. by   ksm84
    I think they are looking for more than B's in the sciences. I would retake some of them and show that you can get A's in those pre-req's that they really take into consideration.
  4. by   mc97
    Hi just a quick said in your comment that your speech class was taken 8 years ago...I was told by Gwen that I needed to repeat all of my courses because they were too old, just wondering how you applied with a class that was older than 5 years? Thanks!
  5. by   RN-4Ever
    I was never told my classes are too old; nor does it say anywhere on CCBC's website that classes over 5 years need to be retaken. When I got my rejection letter for Spring 2011, it said I didn't get in because of a low TEAS score; nothing about old classes. I have spoken with Gwen several times and that was never said to me. There was no reason for rejection for Fall 2011. Call Lois Simmons in the school of health professions. I am not sure why she told you that.

    I got accepted into the LPN program for Fall 2011; and they had no problem taking my Psych 101 and English 101. I took those like 10 years ago. I hope this helps. Good Luck!

    May I ask which classes she told you to retake? It may be different for the Sciences. :heartbeat
  6. by   mc97
    I actually attended a seminar that she hosted at ccbc, I went up to her and asked her about my classes and explained my situation...all she did was look at my paper which had all of my classes on it and said "nope...too old" and went on to answer someone else. I have all of the required pre reqs completed and although its sad to say I was just a semester away from graduating the nursing program but I decided to quit after failing one class. I was much younger back then and have learned it was stupid. I have tried speaking to advisors but they just pass my questions on to her and she never gets back to me. Thanks for your help!
  7. by   RN-4Ever
    Maybe Gwyn Degner from the Catonsville campus would be a better person to contact. Every time I have tried to call her she doesn’t answer her phone. I am sure if you leave a message she will call you back. Let me know what you find. You can PM me through here or send me an email. Good Luck. J
  8. by   ambitiousBSN
    The only thing I've ever heard of about courses being too old are Biology. I've heard something about Biology courses cannot be more than 5 years old, which would make sense because science does change. But I cannot say for certain that that's the case.

    I agree with Kelly, maybe you could contact Gwyn at Catonsville. Gwen Jones brushes everyone off with their questions.
  9. by   This Jenn RN
    I got in my first time applying at CCBC Catonsville, but I had all A's and 1 B for my pre-reqs. I also did really well on the Teas test. However, there were people in my class who had applied 3 times and were wait listed the 3rd time and then finally got in. Its tough out there. Try to replace anything below a B or B's in any science classes to A's and that should help.