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CCBC Rejection Question?


:)Hello Everyone,

I applied to CCBC's nursing program for spring 2011 and did not get accepted. I have reapplied for this fall and am anxiously waiting to see what will happen this time.

My question is... Did you or someone you know have to apply to CCBC more than twice to get accepted? I just want to hear some thoughts on this. My reason for rejection was a low TEAS score. Anyone who has read my other threads knows, I took TEAS 4 and passed. When I took TEAS V last time I didn't do good on it at all (it truly was my fault, I assumed it would be more similar to TEAS 4 than it was). I was told by several CCBC staff members not to worry about my low TEAS V score because they would just accept my passing score on TEAS 4. Well, that did not happen. They didn't even consider my TEAS 4 because I took the updated version. Anyway, moving forward; I retook TEAS V and got a proficient score. Now I am worried proficient will not be good enough. I have all B's in my sciences, a couple of A's, mostly B's, and 1 C in speech.

Any thoughts?

I have never met someone who had to apply 3 times. I don't want to be that someone; but realistically CCBC is so hard to get into.

Retake speech in the fall and get rid of that C. I recommend Rongione at Essex. Also, study for the TEAS until you have it down, pay for and take several of the on-line exams that are offered by ATI. These exams will give you a breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses. Then, retake the TEAS and get at least Advanced. With a GPA above 3 and Advanced Teas along with all of your Pre-recs completed should get you in to the Day program, I would not apply for Night and Weekend because of the small class size, 40 student class ='s harder to get in. Of course, if you get in this time you won't have any of this to worry about. Good Luck this time!!!

Thanks for the advice! I think I may be taking speech this summer if I get a second rejection. Also, I just may start my own TEAS V Study group! Sounds like a plan to me. Hopefully I am worring over nothing!

Thanks for the reply! :) Allnurses.com is helping me through the wait.

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she is not an umm nazi, she doesn't count them and is an easy b. i got an easy a, i used my phone stop watch feature so my speech's never went over the limit.


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I'm curious about this as well. You know about my grades and what I would repeat in the fall, but really, I wonder if there's ever been anyone to apply more than twice and what the possibility of being accepted is. I've heard the TEAS isn't as heavily weighed as people think. Someone in my Micro class said she heard from Gwen that they start you out with points for the classes you've taken - and then from there you get points for whatever grade you received. I think she mentioned you get a certain point for whatever your GPA is? I've read somewhere, maybe it was from you - that the TEAS you only get x amount of points for proficient, advanced, etc. so at least that wouldn't put anyone at an advantage unless it came down between you and someone else. I'd imagine whoever had the higher TEAS score would be when they'd use the actual score.

But from what I've heard, which has been pretty consistent, is that it's all based on a points system.

My wife is an RN, and I have heard second hand through her of people being rejected several times. Other Nurses have discussed it with her since I'm applying to the program. Mostly they talk about some ridiculously high GPA that is needed for the CCBC program, near 4.0. Thats BS, I think some who have been rejected are not completely honest about their GPAs and that causes some confusion among others trying to get in. If you have C's I doubt you will get in if your pre-recs are not done. If you are done your pre-recs and have C's you should try to replace them with better grades, and the higher the TEAS score the better. Teas is an indication of how you will do on the nursing boards. If you have taken BIO 110, BIO 220, BIO 221 and BIO 230 and score poorly on the science portion of the TEAS that is a good indicator for the SHP of what your RN boards may look like after your nursing classes. Like I said before, finish all pre-recs, get rid of the C's and get at least an Advanced Teas score and you should be golden. I am not condemning anyone with this post, believe me, I'm as stressed as you are, I'll be glad when this **** is over! :uhoh3:

I think it is a good idea to replace my 1 C. I took it like 8 years ago and know I can get an A in it. I understand the idea of the TEAS, but to be honest, I have met many nurses who got all A's and scored high on their TEAS, but didn't pass their boards the first or even second time.

However, I do plan on retaking TEAS to get an advanced score (that is if I don't get in, of course).

:) Good Luck Corrine! :)

:) Good Luck AB1967! :)


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Good luck to you too! :-) I have a HUGE feeling you'll get in this time!

Aw, thank you! In any event, lets get a drink!

Good Luck studentRN2B! and everyone else be tortured by this ordeal!!! I have heard so many stories, after thinking about it for awhile I think everyone that I heard of being rejected were eventually excepted after improving their grades, retaking a class or two. I can't remember anyone saying they got in because they retook the TEAS exam. Just FYI for whatever its worth.

LOL, it is worth a lot! This message board is the only thing keeping me from driving my husband crazy! I vent on here; not so much to him (he dosn't know what I am talking about anyway).


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I vent to my husband and he just listens. He thinks I'm crazy for worrying too much but it's people like him who don't realize and/or know just how competitive the program is. It's hard to get into, it's not some "apply and you're accepted right away" deal just because it's a community college.

But yes, by the time this is all over, I'll definitely need a drink!

This has already driven me to drink!!!

Just kidding. Kind of...