how many on computers


just wondering how many of you are on a computer system

if so , what program do you use, could you share the likes and dislikes

thanks in advance, our agency is "soon" to be going paperless and will be

using UNITY software

thanks in advance


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Neither of my current agencies use computers for the field nurses, nor did any of my previous agencies. :typing

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We use laptops and use Allegheny software. They are pretty good with working with us with any problems that arise. Computer charting takes a little while to get used to (expect some problems as you are starting up), can run into technical glitches (freezing up, etc) - really do not have any problems "losing" notes...Allegheny has helped with that when it does happen. It is nice to be able to access the patients info - past visits, diagnosis, 485, meds, emergency contacts, care plans, etc - at any given time. I think it is quicker once you have adapted to it. It gives you a little more freedom - and less time in the office (always a good thing:yeah:) Good luck and happy charting!

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still using paper where i work.


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We use CPSI. I am very cpu literate and yet this program took me a long time to master because you may answer the same question in many different system assessments. It takes me 30 min if I hand chart and 45-1hour if I use the cpu. I luck out a lot and my cpu gets taken because I am an prn LPN and the RN's need it to do Oasis. When we get back in to the office, we have to upload to the main cpu and than download and print/review/sign all the assessments. If I hand chart, I put it in the chart and I am done! The cpu is handy when I need instant answers what the nurse before me found when making a judgement call. The worst part about the cpu is it does freeze! A week ago I lost 2 assessments in it. NOT GOOD!


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We are using Patron POC software. It is great that you can have the entire chart for any patient in the agency and know what is going on with all aspects of care, (which never happened with paper)

It was a huge adjustment for the stafff, but when they get going you cannot pry the laptop out of their hands! It becomes another tool that we use to provide excellent care to our patients. The software company has been awesome in listening to feedback and modifications to the program. Now we have access to great teaching on a huge variety of topics right @ our fingertips!:up:


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The agency I am with right now is still using paper but I've used McKesson's Horizon. It was ok, pretty easy to use. Unfortunately, the laptops they gave us were slow so that was a problem. They took forever to boot up and upload info.


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We use Kinnser. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Way better than paper!


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We have been using Allegheny POC software for awhile now, I personally love it. Takes some time to get used to but once you learn the system I think it makes documentation quicker, no more problems with not being able to read handwriting, etc. Some of our nurses don't like it but they were not really open to the idea of change right from the start.


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We are currently using Palm Pilots with "healthwyse" loaded on them. As previous poster states its takes twice the time than paper. I have to reboot it at least 3 times a day, and if you don't get your assessments in before midnite you have to use paper. They are a PIA in my opinion.


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Have been in HH 13 years (same agency) have been on computers since 1999 I am on my 12th laptop and 4th program. We currently are using Carevoyant and I am not a fan. Does it beat paper, yes


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I am PRAYING for computers!! I have heard we will "eventually" In the meantime my hand is getting cramped up with all this handwriting crap.. I counted having to write the pts name and acct number 64 times for a SOC then another hour at the copy machine making a copy for my book, one for the on call book and certain parts for other disciplines. I don't understand how the agency can afford all this time yet say they cannot afford computers??

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