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Manhattan Institute

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Has anybody gone to the Manhattan Institute for CNA training? If so, how was it?



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Well im planning on going for the Nursing Assistant coarse also... that school has a opening for Apr 14 but they cost $999... i think im going to go to the school in flushing which has a opening for Apr 28.:nurse:


I am planning on registering for the August 2 class. It is a Saturday and Sunday for 7 weeks. Good luck!


Last summer I went to the Manhattan Institute for the dialysis technician course but met someone who was in the cna class. She like it and didnt find it too difficult. I also went to the school in Flushing: New York Medical Training Center for both Medical Assistant ('03-'04) and CNA ('07) and their programs were really good. I think that the CNA training at NY Medical was a bit more thorough from our discussions (and it is definitely helping me now that Im in nursing school) but I would not discredit the Manhattan Institute at all. When did it go up to $999?, thats what I paid for the Dialysis class and the CNA was less then. Oh wait--they do that--> the closer they get to the starting date, the higher they raise the tuition. I registered in May for the July class so I paid less, but I saw that students who registered closer to the starting date had tuitions over $1000 for the same class. NY Medical doesnt do that, the prices stay the same (and have been for some years).

I graduated from the Manhattan Institute three months ago. It is an excellent School. My teacher Ms. Maria was wonderfull. She would stay after class and help the students who needed extra help.The entire staff was great, they really made me feel at home.

What was also nice is that I was able to take my State Exam in the school. They scheduled it for me. They also let us practice in the afternoon.

I am now working, full time. The place that hired me, has three other of there graudates working. The Manhattan Institute has an excellent reputation. They did not care that I had no experience, they knew that I was well trained.

I have enrolled in there Patient Care Technician class starting on June 9, I am really looking forward to going back.:redbeathe


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does anyone know how helpful they are when it comes to job placement assistance? i am already a cna, but i was thinking about doing their ekg/phlebotomy course to increase my chance of getting a job, as well as, to take advantage of any possible job placement assistance they may have.

Hi - You should take the Patient Care Technician course. As a CNA you qualify. It is EKG and Phlebotomy and some other training. When you finish you get three certificates. I know they have job placement, but I did not use it. I was able to find a job on my own.


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How were you able to find a job? We you doing anything special? I took the EKG and Phleb course last year, passed the exams and still haven't found a job. I feel like I wasted my money.

Hi - You should take the Patient Care Technician course. As a CNA you qualify. It is EKG and Phlebotomy and some other training. When you finish you get three certificates. I know they have job placement, but I did not use it. I was able to find a job on my own.

I graduated from their CNA program almost three years ago and at that time their job placement wasn't that good, and I was pretty much left on my own to find a job. All i remember was dropping my resume off at the front desk and never being called back. Now that I think back it was kind of hard to get a job as a CNA without experience, most places if they did hire you, will only hire you as per-diem or part-time if your lucky. I don't know if thinks are still like that now because eventually after almost 4 months after getting my CNA license I found a place in brooklyn that hired me part-time and went back to school for My LPN. I am now an LPN and attending Kingsborough, planning to apply to the RN program in January.

I just registered and googled to see if there was an info on this place. Thanks I start classes soon.

Nurse2bTracy - Why don't you just apply to the different LI hospitals and they'll train you as a CNA for free? Winthrop has a good orientation and if you work in the ER you will not only be trained as a CNA (they call them PCA) but you will also be doing EKGs, Phlebotomy, etc. It is excellent experience and you will learn so much for nursing school! And best of all, not only do you not have to pay for it but you are actually getting paid while doing the training!!! I believe starting pay for a PCA at Winthrop is almost $17 plus different shift differentials. And they have tuition reimbursement and grants for nursing school! They have special PCA openings for nursing students. You should call HR and let them know you are currently applying to nursing schools but you would love to work as a PCA with them in the meantime. They are always hiring in the ER and I believe they had openings in Mother/Baby as well. Try and get a job in the area you would like to work in as a nurse because it is likely the nurse manager will hire you when you finish nursing school. Also, take a job in any department at first because once you're in, it's easier to switch to another department that has openings. They have job openings specifically for Winthrop employees only. They get first dibs.

I definitely wouldn't pay for a CNA training course if I could do it this way instead. :) You may have to be per diem at first but once you're in and have training, you can easily switch to an open full time position! Good luck!!!

Nurse2bTracy -

I was accepted to an LPN program in NJ and I am going to definitely call them Monday to find out about the PCA training. Unfortunately its not posted on their website.

I am a recent graduate from this school. I took the CNA course and found that the entire staff was helpful. I am currently waiting to take my state board exam. As soon as i finish i plan to go back and take the PCT course. What really impressed me about the school is that they let me sit in on the CNA class that was in session, because I told them i was not sure it was for me. This is their website in case you are interested: www.manhattaninstitute.com

I also believe that the city gives the CNA class for free, but you have to be on public assistance, and there is also a long waiting list.


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"I also believe that the city gives the CNA class for free, but you have to be on public assistance, and there is also a long waiting list."

YEESH! That is way to much of a hassle! I would much rather have the bandaid effect (pay the money and just get it done and over with..just rip it off) LOL! Get me into the field much faster without having to tap dance around waiting for that magical number to pop up...no mam! LOL!

I finished my CNA program. Very good class, I recommend it to all.

How long after you finished did you have to wait to take the liscence exam? Did any of you find a job? I am registered to attend their CNA programand would like to know what to expect? I plan on going back for my PCT and was wondering if I should stick with the same school? Also anyone know any info on the Mildred Elley School in NYC for LPN? Thanks

I checked into a few good schools, and so far the Manhattan Institute is on the top of my list. When I called, I spoke to Haley and she was very nice and invited me to come and sit in on a class, talk to the teachers and students. I like that idea and will make an appointment. I will report back after I see the school.


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after you finished your cna courses did the schools provide job placement?

I took the CNA course at Manhattan Institute. I suggest you don't waste your time, money or energy. They are very unorganized. It seems to me that they only want your $$$. They said the course will cost $1399 with everything included, wrong it cost me almost $2,000. I feel there was not enough hands on training for the clinical skills and they were not very helpful with providing the proper instruction. I don't recommend this school. Save your $$$$$$$$!


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I also went to the Manhattan Institute for my CNA training, and thought it was a huge waste of $1400+ extras. The weekend teacher is a huge joke!!! He never taught ANY skills. I had to learn all 25 skills on my own through DVD's and several books I bought after the class ended. This is the type of school that just takes your money and doesn't teach. If you are thinking of taking a CNA class, I am saying from first hand experience to look elsewhere. Best of luck to all future CNA's :)

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