Malpractice insurance for new grad?



What are the best options for to protect a brand new nurse? I've heard that the insurance provided through your employer protects the institution rather than the individual?

Anyone out there with advice?

Thank you!

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If you read through the past discussions here you will get tons of issues and disagreeing sides on the issue.

I have always had my own insurance. You don't need to ever tell anyone you have it. It is none of their business.

And yes IMHO you heard right. You can be thrown under the bus very quickly. Never be unprotected. Also hospital provided insurance is only good while you work with them. So if you have left their facility and work somewhere else, but get called on something that happened there, you are unprotected.

I use NSO because I have used them a couple of times over the years and they were great. There is also Proliability, and your homeowners policy can have a rider too. So talk to an insurance agency, there are some options.

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NSO offers up to a 50% discount for new grads in most states. NSO also has a lot of good information, case studies, etc on their website so that you can educate yourself about best practices to reduce liability.

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Get your own malpractice. i have had mine for 32 years....NSO.


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Yes, get your own insurance, your hospital will protect themselves and if that means throwing you under the bus...then they will! I used NSO as a student and actually got injured in an assault at clinicals. They were awesome and have paid out all my claims without question! Plus, even after making that claim as a student, they still accepted me for professional liability coverage at the discounted new grad rate. Seems like a good company.

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Your employer will protect themselves first at all costs and happily throw you to the wolves if it's at all convenient.

Always carry your own insurance. The annual cost is less than what you'd pay to talk to a lawyer for one hour. It's the best sleep aid any nurse can have.


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I got mine from NSO as a new grad and so far I like them. It only cost $56 for the highest level of coverage. I would recommend it simply for the peace of mind.

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my instructors advise purchasing , for the same reasons states here on an, the facility's insurance protects the facility first and foremost. they do recommend nso due to the cost and reliability of the company.

i will absolutely be purchasing ins, and i will not tell anyone. it is on a need to know basis, with very few-pretty much no one, needing to know.

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Thanks everyone so much! It seems like one of the instructors recommended something through ANA - does anyone know about that?