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I'm thinking of running this as an ad in my local newspaper as I've been out of work for 2 months with only one phone call in all of that time. I have approximately 10-15 years of experience in various areas of nursing, but there is absolutely nothing for me in Durham Region (Ontario). I do see positions posted now and again, but I never hear a word when I apply for them.

Maybe it's a male nurse thing, but I find it extremely difficult to find work in this field. Any suggestions on an alternative career path - one where I might find a job?

I don't know how things work up there in Canada as far as correctional nursing or drug and alcohol nursing, but here in the Northeast USA, those are usually good options. The USA seems to have a love affair now with incarcerating people, so there are lots of jails and prisons that need healthcare staff. There are also lots of inpatient and outpatient D&A facilities, as well as psych hospitals and mental health clinics. Until I recently went on disability, I never had a problem finding a job in these types of places. Good luck!! Dave Dunn, RN

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first of all, i'm sorry you're going through this however, in reality most nurses male and female are having the same difficulties these days, it's not a matter of gender. having said that, have you thought of becoming a traveling nurse?, register with an agency, medical staff in a cruise liner, school, or working in a prison facility? just suggestions, as i wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors...aloha~

Sorry to hear your having a tough time.

You posted you have 10-15 yrs of varied nursing experience. and I would assume you have your Bachelors atleast because doesn't Canada' require all RN's to hold bachelor's for licensure/certification. This may be a totally dumb American question- but do you have insurance companies in Canada- I know you have a national healthcare plan through the provincial governemnt. What about a position as a case manager or disease manager through the provinical government and /or insurance company. or possibly an auto insurance company doing workmans comp. Look into any of the Pharmaceutical companies( Nova Nordisk, Bristol Meyes Squib etc) branch offices in Canada - doing clinical trials/ clinical research on investigation drugs- CRA, CRC or project safety inspectors. if you have a Critical care background check out the medical equipment companies( Medtronic, St Judes or Boston Scientific ) they probably have branch offices in Toronto, Montreal or Ottowa- doing pacemaker interrogations in hospitals and doctors offices- the nurses I have seen interrogating the pacemakers on a cardiac unit I worked on were male nurses. I don't know how your public health dept are set up- what about public health in a remote/rural area- I know as an adventureous american during my travel nurse days- I did see some contract/travel opportunites in the northwest territo ry??? it was in some remote clinics assigned with a Nurse practioner. What about a civilian nurse position in one of Canada's military treatment facilites with the Royal Air Force. I did a contract assignmnt in one of our US military base clinics- I loved it, it was by far my favorite nursing experience. I worked with some fantastic nurses both civilian and military. I learned sooo much. I stepped out of my acute care comfort/safe zone and into the land of managed care, telehealth/triage, case managment, disease management and family practice clinic while learnig the military hierarchy/ranks. There were some fascinating, spellbinding Lunch and Learn seminars- Military Medical Air Evacuation and first responder assessment to Tramatic Brain Injuries on the battlefield, Burn/Trauma Transport.

What I learned having a tough time finding nursing positions and navigating nursing employment in this challenging economy- is don't look for the conventional and traditional routes( hospitals- BORING)- think out of the box. Even check out amusment parks and vacation spots- nurses are needed there for minor injuries- scrapes, insect bites, heat exhausion, broken bones/ think ortho( Canada has a big ski season) Check into the gyms and fitness clubs- some of the more elegant expensive fitness clubs/spas have Cardiac rehab programs, nurses do diabetic, cholesterol and HTN patient education, nutritional counseling, BMI, BP and Heart rate checks- here in the States we call it "Wellness Nurse', I think it would be in the sports medicine speciality

if a place pops into your head- google it's website and see if nurses are needed

good luck, chin up and happy hunting- leave no stone unturned

Sorry to hear about your difficulty. Down here in the Phila area, while the job situation is very poor for new grads it is quite good for experienced nurses, especially for BSN's. With your background, I'd say you have little trouble finding a job, so one solution would be to get your PA license and green card . . . just sayin'

There are plenty of opportunities for travel nursing.

There are plenty of opportunities for travel nursing.

In USA, there are about 6 to 10 nurse applicants for any one travel nursing job, and travel nurse agencies strongly prefer to hire already employed nurses, who will then give a two week notice to their current employer. I have some pals who recruit for travel agencies, they have told me this. It's a bit more competitive than some ppl think, but, worth a try.

Once eons ago, i considered travel nursing, and when they asked if i was currently employed, it was quite obvious to me, that my currently being actively employed, was seen as both highly unusual (person even said that) and was seen as a 'plus'.

I don't think it is your gender, either, btw.

Just as an update:

Well, it is now February, 2013 and I have been unable to find work in my profession. I am now working outside of nursing, in a pharmacy related job, for casual-part-time hours. I have a degree in nursing, and over a decade of experience and nada.

I'm lucky if I can get an interview. My advice: don't go into nursing - the hype about shortages is just that - hype. All of the jobs are being snapped up by new grads under the Ontario government's new grad initiative, or by RPNs taking over what were once RN jobs.

I'm looking for retraining to get out of this 'much sought after' profession.

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Where have you been looking? Have you considered moving? What area of nursing are you looking to work in? There are nursing jobs in Ontario to be had but you have to be flexible.

Where have you been looking? Have you considered moving? What area of nursing are you looking to work in? There are nursing jobs in Ontario to be had but you have to be flexible.

I have applied to every area of nursing, from homecare, to retirement homes, to nursing homes, to telehealth, to mental health, to hospitals - acute and chronic. I have been extremely flexible - it is just impossible for me to find a job in nursing.

I have no restrictions on my license, have a decade + of experience and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (with honors) from Ryerson University. I applied for hundreds of jobs and I'm lucky to get a no thank you, or a form letter - I almost never rate an interview.

What I would like is retraining for another field.

I'm sure you meant it as a joke, but why not go ahead and run it, see what kind of a response (if any) you get, you may be in for a surprise.

I likely won't get any response, but you're right, at this point, I've exhausted all other options - maybe I should try it.

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