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I've been a nursing student for four years, at my college female lecturers out number male lecturers. i have made an observation that all male students are treated with a red eye and whenever a slight mistake is done by a male student it even cost his education. on the other hand when female student behave unprofessionally beyond tolerable limits only verbal response ensues. there have been several contentious issues concerning female nursing student and lecturers know the responsible individuals but the resultant result is to let them do what they want.

This pitiless and development obstacle goes further to academic performance, i have observed that a man at my college has never been recognized as outstanding regardless of how rich his Grey matter is, this devastate me with extreme worry and fear i even don't feel free to express my feelings and concerns. i wish there would have been an external body to look into the issues of academic performance other than these counter development lecturers who always want to see male nursing students suffering. to make it clear its not all female lecturers who display this unbecoming behavior but a greater population of them, at least minimum of 90% of female lecturers.

Is this the way it happens with you my fellow male nurses? its been a long time i've been experiencing this torture and torment. please guys i need your stance on this.

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I'm sorry you're in the school that you are.

At my school, the guys are welcomed by the students, faculty, and staff nurses at clinicals.


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When I was in NS our male students were respected, liked and treated as well as anybody else. I'm sorry you're not experiencing the same.

Btw, it is misleading to state that you have four years of nursing experience when you're still in school. If that were the case the rest of us would claim our years of school as well, but we're counting actual experience after receiving our LPN or RN degrees. Just so you know :)

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Is this the way it happens with you my fellow male nurses? its been a long time i've been experiencing this torture and torment. please guys i need your stance on this.

Nope. My school treated males/females pretty well the same. YES, I only had 2 male instructors (1 for lecture, 1 for clinicals), but that didn't matter at all. You did your work, you got your grades. End of story. No games/favoritism.


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I get treated very well by the teachers. I have been talked to about my "insensitive jokes" with patients, but the patients think they are funny also. I also always get volunteered by my peers to be a group leader or spokesperson but i don't mind it.


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Sounds like you need a different school. That hasn't been my experience. Our class president was a guy and he won 1 of only 2 special achievement awards awarded at the college this year.


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I agree as well that you should be at a different school, one that is more supportive of students as potential nurses irrespective of gender. Given how long you have been in the program, I don't know if that is an option. You should be almost done by now, correct?


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In my school and where I am male nurses are respected and ever year, there are more male nurses coming into the industry.


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Either report your problem to the dean or chancellor, and if that doesn't work, get the heck out of that school... I just graduated from NS, and although some of the female teachers were inappropriately nasty to me, I persevered just to show 'who da boss.'

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I bent over backwards to make sure I ALWAYS knew what was going on, I was liked and respected by almost all instructors. and I always just sucked it up when they did something to disrespect have to play the game to get to the end. I think they almost had a heart attack when I ran for class president....and almost good thing I didn't, looking back.


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Sadly, I know what you are talking about. It wasn't as blatently obvious where I went; my instructors weren't 'mistreating' the male students, but there was definite favoritism--although this is seen to a degree everywhere. My advice is to not focus on the favoritism and just bust your butt to satisfy the teachers (suck up--you shouldn't have to do this, but it helps).

The main case of discrimination in my school was aimed at a male student, but for a different thing other than gender bias. The student was going to an accelerated school while working full time as a PCA so that he could work baylor as a nurse during medical school the following year to pay for that. Instead of seeing as how a nurse-turned-doctor would be a wonderful thing for the nursing community, they tried to get him kicked out. However, one of his patients during a clinical coded and the liscened RN taking care of him froze and ran out of the room---he jumped on the bed and began chest compressions thus saving their life. Soooo...if you excel, there is NO way that they can come down on you.

By the way--the nurse/med school student is first in his class at a major med school (he says that nursing school helped him tons.)

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