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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   Matthew700
    That's exactly how I'm working it. That way I'm making money after year 1 as a LVN & then get that new employer to help pay for the RN & BSN. I'll get finished in a little over 3 years. I wish you well o the journey.
  2. by   MurseBobby
    well if it is goning to take you 3 years, then just go ahead and get your BSN...bachelors will only take you two years but you will make up for the money after that...

    more opportunities right after school as an RN with a BSN, rather than the long way around
  3. by   gerard89
    hi. i am a 4th year nursing student in the philippines nice to meet u guys
  4. by   Adjah David Torgbor
    Psychiatric nursing is an interesting field of nursing.Guys,try it or read more

    about it.Can PM me

    ADJAH DAVID,student psychiatric nurse in Ghana
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  5. by   awal
    I am a student nurse and there is no problem being a nurse
  6. by   efwolfcub
    I'm a 32 year old IT pro who's sick of sitting behind a desk all day. I'm in my 4th semester of clinicals (part time program) and even though it means long days and lots of homework, I've been loving it so far. It can be a little weird at times, going from an industry that's fairly male-dominated to one that's female-dominated for the most part, but I still love it.

    Any advice for surviving Labor & Delivery? That's the rotation I'm in currently.

  7. by   Huntin-Hoosier
    I'm getting ready to start in on my RN program Aug 25th kind of nervous about the out numbering. That sounds funny comming from a 38 year old man!!! LOL
  8. by   freakjojo06
    Hey! Im a 19-year old senior student in the philippines... hoping to pass next June or December local board exam... and also to pass the NCLEX examination...:spin:
  9. by   Unavailable
    hi im from australia

    completed my nursing degree and im currently in my grad year ther are a couple of us males on the orthopedic ward which is heavy
  10. by   NewMexicoJohn
    Hey! Australia! WoW! I've always wanted to take a trip there.....maybe after school. What do you like BEST about being a nurse and what do you like least? What's been most challenging?

    John in New Mexico
  11. by   NewMexicoJohn
    What's nursing like in Ghana? Sounds fascinating! Tell us more. What type of equipment do you have? Do nurses do a lot of interventions and do they partner with the physicians there?
  12. by   FNPdude74
    Hey I'm only 22 years old now and got long ways ahead of me in nursing. I rarely see bedside nurses who are male and are a lot older. I mostly see them having masters or doctorates...
  13. by   Unavailable
    i like being involved in the healing process and helpin those in need. i also liked the fact id never be out of the job well for the foreseeable future anyways. ive just gota find an area to suit myself though i guess ..ED is interested in theater..hope to get a chance to try it soon