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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   BrandushkaRN
    Hello everyone!

    I'm a 31 year old nursing student (when the program starts in 3 days)at Hopkinsville Community College in Kentucky. I spent 8 years in the Air Force working in Security Forces. I have been reading the posts on this website for the past year during my prereqs, and have found the members here to be a great source of knowledge and inspiration.

    I am hoping to rejoin the Air Force upon completion of my BSN. Nice to meet you all and cya around.:spin:

  2. by   swgabeswk
    What you shall find out is the requirement of your school. As long as you meet their requirement, you should be in good shape. One thing you may try to do is to find out who consist of the admission committe. If you can get some connection with the instructors, you will have a higher chance. However, some schools like mine recently change their policy from GPA oriented to drawing. It then depends on your luck. If your school has a waiting list, you may start working on your BSN prerequisites depending on your long term goal. Good luck to you
  3. by   swgabeswk
    Hi guys,
    I am an international male student from Malaysia. I have been to this country for about 4 years and will be graduating from an excellent ADN program here in LA. There are 14 males students out of 60 in our class. So the ration is approx. 1:4. So the male nurses population is definately on the rise. Great for all of us
  4. by   mas2009
    Hey guys. Mike here. I just found this site by accident and joined up. I'm starting nursing school in a week and it was nice to find a little support group....I heard nursing school can be a nightmare, especially since I still have to work to pay my mortgage but I'm up for the challenge. - Mike, Pittsburgh Pa.
  5. by   donsterRN
    Welcome to the forums, Mike. Glad you're here.

    Much good luck and success to you in school!
  6. by   Shaggyb2000
    I'm just happy I'm married. I'm starting my second year of an ADN program and would not have made it with the distraction of women. In a class of 66 and only three dudes your odds of getting a chick are spectacular. BUT who could pass with that distraction?
  7. by   Fender
    Hey guys! Great to read all the forums and see that there are a lot of common issues for males in this field. Anyhow, I've got a BS in microbiology and been slaving away in an unfulfilling lab career. Going back for an RN degree has been the best decision in my life and I'm am definitely looking forward to taking the NCLEX in 2 semesters.
  8. by   Kristjaan Panneman
    Hey Guys, I am back. I was away for a few months so I couldn't visit this forum. I am preparing a lecture about Palliative care and Spirituality for caregivers in palliative care.
    Does one of you have some information about this item?


    Kristjaan (from The Netherlands)
  9. by   dan1100rt
    40-year-old husband and father of one; decided on Nursing after a 19-year career as a computer systems administrator.

    I really didn't put 2 and 2 together until a bit of serendipity: I was at an open house for Metro State Denver in 2003 and was looking into an engineering program (math, math, math, and more math). I was passing the Nursing table and the professor who was representing the department asked me: "have you ever considered a career in Nursing?" Well, no, I hadn't, but I thought a bit and realized its possibilities and that it might be a match. I started pre-reqs the next semester and just really got into it. Really neat: my A&P class was doing fetal development just as I found out I was going to be a father.

    I would have applied to the Metro State Nursing program, but they continually added pre-reqs as the years went on; I applied to CU and was accepted for Jan, 2008. I'm looking forward to starting school and leaving my current career. I do enjoy my current work, but just feel as if I want to do more with the second 20 years of my working career. The parts of my work and volunteer lives that have given me the most satisfaction are the ones that afforded me the opportunity to serve others. I think I'm going to love Nursing.
  10. by   universalcary
    Quote from agent
    Hi All!

    I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program.

    I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then go to a 4 yr school.

    When I went to an info session about the RN program ill be trying to get into, out of like 70 ppl only 5 were guys.

    So I want to know are there any men out there?
    HI my dear I am a student nurse in italy in turin.
    How are you ?
    I am fine thank you.
    TAlk of course of nurse at university !
  11. by   HeartofJack
    Hi Guys,

    Thought I would introduce myself. I'm Jack, 38 years old. I worked in the computer industry 15 years (sales, marketing, project management) & got burned out trying to pursue the "American dream." I finally pulled my head out of... the sand and got my life back together. I married a wonderful woman who encouraged me to follow my heart & do something I really enjoy. I discovered I really like helping people so I get to be involved in ministry in our local church (non-denominational Christian) & go back to school to become a nurse. I spent the last 2 years taking prerequisite classes & I got my CNA license last summer. I start the nursing program at Lane Community College in Eugene, OR the last week of September. I'll have two years of classes before I can sit for the state RN exam (might have a possibility of LPN license after 1 year), then I'll transfer to Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) for another year to get my BSN. Eventually, I want to get into education (not sure if at a college, hospital or clinic). I also just got a graveyeard CNA job at the local hospital so hope to get some "real" experience soon.
    I am open to advice and other "tips & tricks" in how to make it all work with college, ministry, marriage, life, etc.

  12. by   universalcary
    I am very happy for you jack, but I am at start or better at finish of first year in italy for become a generis nurse. But In italy I don't know all these type of nurse, can you help me.
  13. by   drivefast
    just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. i am just starting nursing school in RI this fall after being a successful parts manager for local luxury car dealership for 9 years i just decided it was time to do something challenging and fullfilling so here i am.