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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   FutureRNMichael
    Male ADN student here. Not a career changer. In fact, I am only 19 years old.

    I will be starting pre reqs in the winter or maybe after winter term but I will start them eventually. Right now I am working on getting my placement scores up to par.

    I'm still undecided if I want to pursue becoming an EMT before going to Nursing school... Really confused but it should sort itself out.

    Nice idea here. Hopefully we can keep this current and support each other throughout.

    I would really like to hear what all the guys plan to do once they become an RN... Specifically, what area of nursing.

    Still unsure here but I am thinking about Pediatrics,Psych or ER.
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  2. by   XIGRIS
    Count me in...

    Male nurse in Texas. CVICU for almost 14 years. Going to CRNA school this January 2004 in ASU.
  3. by   agent
    Great ad for Oregon.. they got the right idea.
  4. by   wildcard
    I'll be a nurse someday. I just got a volunteering position at my local hospital and I'm really psyched. I've also been learning about meditation and YOGA which click really well with healthcare. I feel like I'm destined to be a medicine man :-)
    Cool Thread :-)
  5. by   Tarian
    Hi everybody. I'm starting my first semseter of my ASN program right now. I'm 32, with a BS in Chemistry and 7 years experience at a tech-related service company. My goal is to work as an ER travel nurse then get my BSN, and see if I want further schooling after that (maybe CRNA or nurse practitioner).

    Ratios at my school are similar to what I've read here already: I'm one of less than 10 males in an incoming class of approx. 150. Man oh man do I wish I'd chosen this right out of high school!

    I'm finding already that it's a very different learning experience compared to my analytical chemistry/science background. Lots of what I refer to as "touchy feely" subject matter which I'm finding challenging in its own way, as I'm being forced to think in ways I'm not genrally prone to do as a male.

    Also I've had more exposure to Oprah and TV soaps over the past two weeks than I'd had over the last ten years!
  6. by   Mister Chris
    Another all male nurse here - vintage but still in there nursing after 35 years. Good to hear from some other real men in the nursing profession.
  7. by   agent
    Originally posted by Tarian

    Also I've had more exposure to Oprah and TV soaps over the past two weeks than I'd had over the last ten years!
    I haven't had that experience yet, still finishing up prereqs. I have A&P and MIcro in the spring.
  8. by   Havin' A Party!
    Please add me to the roster of guys. Just starting out in nursing.

    Took a non-credit anatomy and med term course and decided to go take the Nestea plunge. Also volunteering at a local hospital. Have applied for a tuition-paid program through another teaching hospital -- will learn if I made the first cut later this week. Fingers are crossed.

    Best to all the guys!

  9. by   Rivs
    I am currently in the computer field, but decided on a career change....I Just got accepted for next fall for an ADN program; contingent on a passing grade in Chemistry...I had 4 other classes from a previous degree transfer in..Will be taking A&P I and II after that...then the cores.....
  10. by   nursebucky
    I love male nurses! I hope to see more and more come into the nursing programs.

    I had a male partner during vital signs checkoff. He is sooooo smart. He only missed 3 on our first test. All of the other guys scored higher than the women.

    I He was frazzled when he had to get my apical pulse UNDER my shirt, especially when he saw my Georgia peach tattoo. He put the stethoscope on my clavicle....hehehehehehe
  11. by   sgone1
    ok..Im in NYC...there are 43 students in my class,5 are men..I ralrely talk to any of the other guys,just the women,and im 35...A few of the women look up to the men for what reason I dont know..Fact is,Im a Funeral Director,but nobody knows this fact,just a few of the school staff cause I prefer it that way.A few of the women are cna's and they think they know it and seen it all...
  12. by   careerchngr
    Chalk me up as a another guy entering the field. I am a 32 year old father of 3. I also work in the Computer industry. Ive already changed careers once, so what the hell ..might as well change again. My wife has been telling me for years that I should be nurse. So..I finally started to research and I am taking the pre-reqs this semester. I should finish in fall 2006. Seems like an eternity, but I will get there.
  13. by   HItech_Redneck
    I will start next semester in a BSN program I have spent so long working on this and hopefully i will be done in the next 2 years. I want to work for a couple of years and then go to PA school or med school depending. I have taken the higher level science classes that would be needed for a pre med degree or pre PA so I am hoping nursing will help my application process into one or the other I have not decided yet on either. However I know I am going to love nursing as I love helping people and I am the biggest science nerd you guys have ever seen, I read pathology reports and do microscopy as a hobby.

    I was a clinical massage therapist and certified neuromuscular therapist before deciding to go back to school I have been driving a school bus in Gwinnett county Ga. For the last 4 years I am 28 married with a 16 year old step son ( hehe my wife is touch older than I and brilliant she is finishing her PhD in music ed)