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I am a male nursing student. I am doing well in school overall and acing my Med surg rotations--However, my OB rotation is pure hell! i feel useless and out of place. They tossed me out of a Birthing... Read More

  1. by   sweetpeanurse
    I feel for you guys!!! In my class we had a foreign man that it was not part of his culture to observe birth. Man, was he uncomfortable. He had c-sections down. I think his grand total of c-sections was 6 on 2 days in LDR and that was including a v-birth in there also. He got to watch more then any of us ladies. When he did assessments on post-partum he had to have a fellow NS, or nurse, CI with him as long as it was a female.
    Now that you guys have said something the only time I seen a male nurse was in NICU and I don't even think he was a nurse. Some kind of student.
    Personally, I wouldn't care if it was a male or female nurse when I give birth. Just as long as he did not have big fingers. HA!!!HA!!
  2. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    I haven't started my clinicals yet but I have been worrying about this particular problem. I have had clinicals during phlebotomy training and the issue of gender did come up. Personally I don't mind if someone says they aren't comfortable having a man as their nurse or whatever I will just help a patient who doesn't mind having a male nurse, I think this also applies if a patient isn't comfortable with someone of a different race too (In my mind I think the patient has the right to refuse care from anyone for any reason) For example, if I have a female patient say she isn't comfortable with me as her nurse that's fine but that means I am not providing any care at all including going to get her water and fix her pillows or anything, period. If the patient wants another nurse then they will have to wait for another nurse to come. I think this applies to race as well, it is racism and sexism but in my mind patients do have the right to refuse, but if they refused a black nurse or a male nurse then they are refusing a black surgeon and a male OB too. That's just my opinion.
  3. by   justme1972
    We have on guy in our group and he was actually planning to be a L&D nurse....until the OB rotation.

    He was permitted by a patient to see a C-section, but the two births that happened at the hospital, he was not permitted in the room by the patients.

    He just felt he couldn't go through that.
  4. by   Batman24
    There are two males nurses who work OB at my hospital. Hopefully when male students come through that have an interest in this field it will give them some hope that it can be done successfully.
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  5. by   WinterWolf90
    Mine rotation wasn't awful, but I am the only one that didn't get to see a birth of any kind. And the one patient that was going to let me see a birth I didn't get to see because the nurse didn't want me in there. Even though I didn't get to do a lot, I don't really care since I don't ever plan on going into this field.
  6. by   dajimstr
    lol, this topic brings back so many horrible memories. I saw a live birth and almost vomited on the woman while holding her legs apart so that the baby can come out. OB has truly been a different experience, I look at it as neither good nor bad but I hated to wait for the baby to come out, it was a pain. I did my OB rotation in a hospital where there was mostly Jewish and Muslim people, and boy was it tough to get to see anything. I was lucky enough to see a woman in a wheelchair in the hallway lol. We stood around mostly in the hallway chatting away about Nursing school b/c not too many people wanted Nursing students in their room.
  7. by   RedBrick
    I just finished OB and Peds rotations. I am 54 years young. At first I felt unfairly treated. I wondered what I was doing in OB, because I was not allowed in the rooms during delivery. As time went on, for some reason this was suddenly no longer an issue. I do not know if my instructor had anything to do with it. I did mention to my instructor early in the rotation that I felt left out. I think also that the staff nurses became more familiar with me as time went on. I remember the birth of my own children nearly 30 yrs ago. OB is fascinating. At the hospital where my clinicals took place, there was a male nurse midwife...but I think most patients thought he was an obstetritian. I find having a positive outlook and demonstrating that you want to learn will help you get the experience you need, whatever the rotation. Nursing school has been a lot more challenging, both emotionally and intellectually than I had anticipated.
  8. by   ray_GN
    i also dont like the OB and Labor Room-Delivery Room rotations..but we have to try those rotations. Its frustrating how much your female clients refuse when I will do perineal care and other procedures..
  9. by   gerard89
    OB rotation is not my favorite rotation. ) G1's reject male nursing students. some gyne also prefer to be assisted by female nursing students. its really a hard time to get a DR case when u r a male. specially when the delivery is normal. darn it.
  10. by   ray_GN
    I can just remember the first time I entered the Labor room/Delivery room I was overwhelmed that I cant even move.. and during the whole duration of the rotation, I was only rotated to be the circulating nurse. Because there are less patients who are delivering in the hospital we are affiliated. but when I had my postpartum rotation, it was not easy but somehow I performed procedures(perineal care, etc) by being assertive. I think thats the key.
  11. by   gerard89
    LOL i almost fainted doin perineal care. the doctor smiled at me and said "gerard ill teach u IE" DAAAAAAAAARRRRRRNNNNNNNNNN.
  12. by   xxgreenfirexx
    Quote from Satori77
    That is not being sexist. I feel very comfortable with male doctors and nurse and CNA's in general. I know some great male nurses. A good friend of mine who is a guy is in nursing school right now. I would trust him with my life....doesn't mean I want him to ses me in my most vulnerable.
    I wholeheartedly agree....What if we had an issue with a female nurse, CNA, etc and refused to have them treating us, or be around us? Would we then be accused of discriminating against their title? It's simply a matter of comfort...And if you don't feel comfortable letting a strange man see your hoohoo, then get em the hell outta there! Same goes for a woman....
  13. by   ICURNGUY
    totally sexist and damn boring watching women come in.....get pit......then nothing for 10-12 hr. I was in a hosp that delivered over 450 babies a year! Could have fooled me!