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  1. nrsman1

    8th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    "I hate to break it to you Batman, but I don't thing the silver goose is a new villan"
  2. nrsman1

    In-service for PACU nurses?

    Malignant hyperthermia, mock codes, EKG rythms etc
  3. nrsman1

    NG tube in an intubated patient

    This may sound silly but could it have been stomach contents that were aspirated
  4. nrsman1

    PACU orders

    I was recently assigned the responsibility of revamping our PACU anesthesia orders, because our accrediting body says ours are written poorly. Ours currently read like 2-10mg morphine, titrate for relieve, 10-50mg morphine, and so on. They say we need to be more specific about the amounts, but each patient is different, and there is no way of knowing how much or little they will need. Any suggestions about how to write "more specicifc" doses?
  5. nrsman1

    Recovery Room Nurse??

    I was a circulator for a year and transferred to the PACU and have been ther for about six months and I love it. I have very little floor experience. Im sorry but in my opinion nursing is nursing. all the other details you will learn. wheather you learn then in ICU or PACU, you are still learning. Just remember airway, breathing, circulation, and the other stuff you will learn. Hope this helps
  6. nrsman1

    PACU to ED

    I was just curious what you all thought about an PACU nurse transferring to ED. I somehow got wrangled into a trauma code the other day, and I kinda liked the excitement. I have always worked best when I have to think right then, instead of thinking about the situation.
  7. nrsman1

    Circulators recovering

    Circulators where I work are required to recover their patients while on call!
  8. nrsman1

    Circulators recovering

    I was just wondering how common it was for circulators to recover their own patients whole on on?
  9. nrsman1

    Cricoid pressure

    I was just curious. Is it possible for an anesthetized patient to have vomit forcefull enough that cricoid pressures doesn't work to prevent the vomiting?
  10. nrsman1

    Lab values

    I was just wondering what Lab values you guys think are vital befor proceding with a surgery and what is there significance
  11. nrsman1

    Will there always be an RN in the OR?

    Rural girl where I work we are requires to cross train in the pacu, because when we are on call we recover out own patients
  12. nrsman1

    Not a real nurse?

    Thank you all very much. Oh and by the way I am very new, only had my RN for 1 1/2 months
  13. nrsman1

    Not a real nurse?

    I don't mean it in a bad way. But I guess I havnt had all those experiences yet.
  14. nrsman1

    Not a real nurse?

    I have been in the OR for about a month and a half and cannot help but get the feeling every once in a while that I am not a real nurse I feel like all of my schooling went to waste and all my skilled are evaporating away. How do you get over this feeling?
  15. nrsman1

    Contaminated back table

    Thank you all
  16. nrsman1

    Contaminated back table

    I was just wondering I am a new circulator and I am learning constantly and from a lot of people ( good practices and bad ones) j was curious what to do if your back table becomes contaminated, let's say by opening something that sligtly touches a finger and drops on your field during the middle of a case going and cound done and everything