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There's 28 total people in my class and two of us are guys and it's an ADN program. I'm 20 years old and the other guy is in his mid 40's. The school I go to is 100 years old and this is our... Read More

  1. by   locolorenzo22
    we started off with 70 students...4 men in an ADN program...However, heading into 2nd semester, it's very likely that it is just myself and one other. One dropped due to work/clinical/family issues, and the other may not have passed last semester....The thing is when it's the only ADN program in the area you run into a lot of people at Wal-mart doing xmas shopping.
  2. by   glb1960
    Graduated 2 yrs ago. Started with 7 men in a class of about 70. By the 3rd semester, I was the last one standing and the only one to graduate.

  3. by   Country PICU
    I am in an evening/weekend program. The class is now down to 10. 2 of the 10 are guys. I am 37 and the other guy about 52. Everyone in class is great and we hate to lose anyone. But each term we drop a few and pick up some.

    Good Luck

  4. by   atwtrn
    I'm not sure how many are in my class. I would estimate from the number of people at our final that there are 125 of us and maybe 10 are men? I'll have to investigate that.
  5. by   Scrubz
    Out of the two men in my nursing class I honestly wish the best for the other guy but I can't help but think it might be cool if he left leaving me the only guy to graduate the program... Since it's the first year of the nursing program at my school.. I know that sounds selfish, like I want attention, but honestly, I just though it would be kind of neat..

    But I do hope the other guy graduates becasue the more men in nursing the better.. As long as they're good nurses that is..
  6. by   danh3190
    Just went through our roster. Looks like about 20% guys in our 2 year diploma RN program.
  7. by   nursing student 101
    we have 133 students, probably has gone down now for sure.
    but there are 14 other males not including me, so 15
  8. by   melodyshop
    Class size was 32 to start 3 guys started and we 3 guys are still going on into 3rd quarter.
  9. by   styRN
    well, back in '88 we had the largest graduating class at our community college as far as total numbers (72 started, 55 finished) with 7 guys starting and 5 of us finishing, which was the most men in a class at the time. This was in a community college, when it was the diploma RN program, 26 months straight with no breaks at Christmas or summer (well, I think we got 1 week off, but that was it).
  10. by   ms. ky.
    We started out with five men in our ADN class, down to three now, lost one in Med-Surg, and one in Maternity. Hopefully, the three left will make it, they bring a different viewpoint to our nursing classes.
  11. by   jimthorp
    Class to start was about 45 with 2 men. Both guys, me and one other, graduated. We lost a few girls each semester, some because of not making it in A&P. Everyone that graduated passed the NCLEX in 85 questions on the first attempt.
  12. by   GFocker
    I had 6 guys in my class of 30, 2 dropped out and two failed semesters. leaving us with just two upon completion.
  13. by   MALE*RN*777
    Started with 20 students. 4 of us male then I was the only one left. 1 male with 19 females with boyfriend/husband problems = keep a low profile. HA HA!!