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I have recently been accepted into an Accelerated BSN program. I am male and have worked in the Auto Industry as a Org Development Manager--However, my brothers Girlfriend who removed herself from an... Read More

  1. by   danh3190
    I think somebody who worked in industry and had a management position has already demonstrated that he has the intelligence and, probably more importantly, the organizational skills to succeed in a nursing program. So all you need is the desire.

    And who cares what anyone else thinks!
  2. by   november17
    My uncle took me aside one day when we were at his house, when I had first started majoring in nursing. He said, "You're going to be a nurse? You can't do that!!" And acted shocked.
    I said, "Fine, you pay my bills then!"
  3. by   Uberman5000
    Quote from Cartman1532
    I have recently been accepted into an Accelerated BSN program. I am male and have worked in the Auto Industry as a Org Development Manager--However, my brothers Girlfriend who removed herself from an ADN program because she could not take the "Pressure" has been trying to discourage me from going into Nursing for the past year--She said the she could not piture me as a nurse because I am Male!--I was wondering if any of you were discouraged from entering Nursing by other people because you were male--and if so--how you dealt with it. My first instinct is to tell my brothers Girlfriend to buzz off! but I know that would not be productive. ANy advice would be welcome--Thanks

    Hey John - Wow what a pathetic human being to say that to you - My advice is, there are people all your life that tell you not to do something. Firstly, being that you were in the real world for so long you nkow what it takse to get the job done I am sure, nursing school is no different. You will do fine just study when you have to - dont let morons try to scare you "you dont have a snowballs chance in hell of passing" etc....

    Next time she says she cannot picture you as a nurse because you are male, say something sarcastic like "yeah i guess your right, I cant picture woman as doctors" and she will get the hint. Bottom line, dont listen other people when they try to deter you frmo donig something unless they ahve your best interests at heart, 95% of the time they are jealous or are FOS - She is probably jealous because she had to remove herself from the program because she wasnt self disciplined or mentally strong enough to take studying for an exam, so she wants to project it on you because your success in that would be painful to her ego...

    Go for it and you will do good things!
  4. by   ClassQ1
    First of all you can see how ignorant this lady is. You should never ever take advice from ignorant people. My question is why are you even talking to her about your career and if she talks politely say that you are not interested in discussing this topic. You should go to someone who knows what they are talking about. Every individual is different. Obviously it is a matter of being jealous because she is not as smart as you are. She is looking at her failure and convincing herself that truly it is not her that failed but the career is difficult. Please dont get influenced by her. Yes, it takes hard work and time, but that is true for any field to be successful, especially nursing, because it is a professional course. That doesnt mean that you cannot do it. I say go for it and prove yourself. It is another inspiring factor for you to succeed. Because the satisfaction from an accomplished task is doubled or tripled when people say you cannot do it.

    I am in my first semester, it was my 2 cents.
  5. by   Nightinmale
    After 20 years in the business world, I'm now in my first semester of an accelerated BSN program. I can't imagine doing anything else. Only YOU know what drives you. It's up to YOU whether or not you succeed. Go for it!
  6. by   Sheri257
    I personally never listened to anybody who failed in my nursing program. Some of them were always giving unsolicited advice about this or that.

    But, the fact is: they failed so ... what do they know?

  7. by   me-too
    Quote from serio
    Yup! My first thought was that she is afraid you will succeed and surpass her dedication and abilities. If not, ask tell her you didn't know that being female was a requirement to be a Nurse

    I just read your post about being a male who was discouraged from nursing after receiving a comment from someone who had to drop out of her own program.

    Why can't drs. be female and nurses be male? Where is it written that that drs. must be male and nurses must be female??

    Well, it all sounds like "sour grapes..." to me.
    The "discourager" had to rationalize her own failure by putting you down. Obviously she wanted to be in nursing and then found, after her own difficulties, that she couldn't have what she wanted for herself.

    And, btw, I'm female, and if I were in the hospital, I would prefer a male nurse!

    So, good luck to you in your program.
  8. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    I'm going to have to agree with the other responders on this one, clearly this woman does not have your best interest at heart, she is simply trying to discourage you from trying to achieve what she could not. If you are passionate about wanting to be a nurse then go for it, there is no "type" of nurse. The days of the Florence Nightingale "hand maiden nurse" and Nurse Rachet "cold hearted b*tch nurse" are over. Nursing is no longer an "all girls club" (despite Ms. Nightingale's best attempts) just as other fields previously dominated by men are no longer "all boys clubs". We now have all different types of nurses who are highly intelligent, caring, empathetic, technically and scientifically proficient (among many other qualities). I have been told "you are so smart, you should become a doctor" and "being a nurse is tough, thankless work its just not worth it" as other people on here have been told I'm sure, but my response is that we want smart people as nurses too and not just doctors and that if you want a job just to be thanked then you should go be a guidance councilor or motivational speaker or something. I digress, don't let what other people think change your decision to be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.

  9. by   caliotter3
    You don't have to take her advice seriously but don't have to tell her to buzz off. Just say, yeah, yeah, I know what ya mean, and go on about your business. She should have no say over how you run your life. Even if she were your girlfriend, she can offer advice but can't make you do or not do something you don't want to. After all, it's your life, not her's. Hope you go on into nursing and find that you enjoy it.
  10. by   OregonBSN
    One recent grad gave me the advice "Stay away from negative people in your cohort". I think your brother's girlfriend qualifies. Her attitude is probably driven by the fact that she couldn't cut it.... as a result she doesn't want to see anyone else succeed either. I say go for it, get your RN then rub it in her face.
  11. by   simplymegs
    Well, the girlfriend seems jealous because you will make it and she couldn't take the heat. I am in the LPN to RN bridge program and I have worked with several male nurses who are wonderful. This is no longer a field for just women. I read in an article today that by 2010 it is predicted the US will be short 406,000 nurses. Can you imagine? I say forget her and her nasty attitude and join the team. We're going to need all the help we can get. Good luck to you. I hope everything turns out great.
  12. by   suanna
    My best friend ( a nurse) told me she not only didn't think I should go into nursing because I was male- she didn't think men made good nurses, but that aside she didn't think I was nurse material. My father never could bring himself to say the "N" word- I was his son who worked with the doctors at *** hospital. He once asked how long I had to be a nurse before I got to be a doctor?! (a very long time). I myself had doubts about how I would be precieved as a man in nursing- but that was 23yrs ago. Nursing isn't an easy profession and nursing school is a very tough path, but if you have realistically looked at nursing and still find it something you want to pursue, only your opinion counts, (and the accetpance review committee of your chosen school).
  13. by   vballmanrn
    Question is: Do you want to be a nurse? If you can whole heartedly say "Yes!", then become a nurse. Do not let people with negative thoughts sway you from what you want to be. I had an ex-girlfriend say that I was stupid and would never make it through nursing school. It's quite comical actually. When we dated she tended bar and became a stripper. Anyways, I used that negativeness as motivation to be the best nursing student I could be. I received many complements from patients and their families, was a member and officer in my universities honor society, received the only nursing excellence award our school gives out, graduated Magna Cum Laude, and passed the NCLEX-RN in my first try with 75 questions. Hmmm....I guess she motivated me.