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Anyone out there get real tired about the constant drama, anxiety, and non stop worrying exerted by your female classmates? To me, it seems like the majority of them have nothing to talk about other... Read More

  1. by   Merlyn
    Ah, yes Females. Old saying Can't live with them you can't live without them. I hate to tell you this brother but you will get the same drama when you are out too. example guys talking:
    1st guy What time is it?
    2d guy It's 2 PM.
    1st guy thanks
    Now me and my wife of 40 years:
    Me What time is it?
    My Wife: Why do have somewhere to go you are not telling me. That's It YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! YOU ARE HAVING AN AFFAIR!
    There you have it my friend. This is why bars were invented. You will get the female behavior at work and, if you get married at home. And the female members on this board will call me sexist. Marriage - Benny Hill said it best when he said "Why buy a book when there is a lending library in the town."
    I could tell you more but my wife just came into the room. Just checkout the Nunnery scene from Hamlet Starting with You List, You amble.... If you try to understand the female mind, you will end up like me rocking in a corner.
  2. by   DanielCA
    eight pages of drama right here. Suck it up, men.
  3. by   Mimi2bRN
    Hm-m-m. Here, I thought nursing was all about teaching patients and families self-care, to take care of their injury or disease, and NOT to be dependant on (you)! You mean, I've had it backwards all these 37 years as an LPN? My, oh my. How's that for drama? LOL
  4. by   Mimi2bRN
    Oops.. see below.
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  5. by   Mimi2bRN
    To Merlyn, quote: "Now me and my wife of 40 years:"
    So, there must have been something you like about it if you've been married for 40 years, right? Go ahead, fess up!
  6. by   ImKosher
    I can't imagine what the drama is going to be like in Nursing school. Being one of three guys out of a class of 150. I'll update you if this thread is still kicking by then.
  7. by   kylestimenow
    I definitely know how you feel. I transferred nursing schools, and I still get phone calls and texts about all the drama and tests and crap that happens down there. I love going down there to visit, but I had to limit it because I couldn't take all the drama. I don't even go there and I don't know any of the people they're talking about, but the girls still insist on venting to me. The whole point of going down there was to hang out and have fun, not get bombarded with drama!
  8. by   Clever1127
    See that's why I love working with guys. I'm a CNA at the nursing home and really enjoy working with most of the guys because they just get stuff done and don't stress about everything. In my nursing program as well, there is a lot of gossip and drama and I've even played a part in some of it. The few guys just seem to go with the flow. That's why I think it's great that more guys are becoming nurses.
  9. by   EmarosaNYC
    Any tips for a guy who's enetering nursing school and wants to avoid these hazards?
  10. by   Merlyn
    Quote from EmarosaNYC
    Any tips for a guy who's enetering nursing school and wants to avoid these hazards?
    You can't. You have to enter into a whole different mind set. You will have to learn the soap operas,(why Brad went over for Tiffany after he did the 'Horizontal Hula' with Beth Anne.) Shoes and hair color are vital to the care of the patient. When you have a young female for a patient, never say that you think she is good looking. That to a female nurse means that you don't love you wife anymore and that you want to jump in bed with your patient. Never ask the females a direct question, like what time is it. They will turn it around and say that you don't like anyone on the unit and you want a transfer to OB-Gyn to see a lot of naked females. For any of the female nurses out there that think I am wrong. All of this behavior has happen to me. Even to the point of one of the females calling my wife and telling her I am having an affair with a female patient. My wife just laugh and ask this B...h Never go into a female patient's room alone. If I had stole a case of Viagra. because that would be the only way......." The busy body CNA was upset very upset. When I told her the next time that she did something like that, I would sue the A.. off of her. So,Brother, just watch yourself.
  11. by   EmarosaNYC
    ^^^WDF? lol.

    Damn that's some sneaky stuff you've experienced.

    I just hope when i start Nursing school that all of the guys come together as a group/clique if these things would occur
  12. by   Merlyn
    I hope so too. Just remember it is a profession dominated by females. Anything can happen.
  13. by   2bmurse_joker
    I think that is why male nurses are getting popular,
    we don't complain, AS MUCH. lol

    Let the flaming begin.