Ages of male nursing students? - page 2

Of the 23 other students comprising the group that I entered nursing school with, three of them are men. The class that is graduating at the end of next week I believe has 1 male student, and as far... Read More

  1. by   RNJimFromMI
    37 y/o here, I start this fall or Jan.

  2. by   AKFLIGHTRN
    I am 38 and I start this fall. I will finish my ADN when I am 40. My plan is to go on and complete a BSN and possibly a Nurse Practitioner I will be in school for the next 8 years or so

    Good Luck everyone.
  3. by   bluemalibu
    My program begins in January... I'll be 53 before the training begins. I've spent the last two years completing prereqs after retiring as a cop.
  4. by   Jayhawk4Life
    I'm 22 and will be starting my BSN program next Fall. This will be my second Bachelor's degree, only 17 days till graduation though .
  5. by   axiousguy
    Im 27 and just got in program April, 2009. So ive made it ONE MONTH!!!
    Theres 7 other guys and 65 girls in program. Im only guy in my clinical group.
  6. by   donsterRN
    Nursing school was MY midlife crisis! I graduate in a couple of weeks at the age of 51.
  7. by   colorado_dude
    Soon to graduate as an RN after being an LPN for 2 years and am 53. There are 28 students with 3 males one late 30's, next 43 then me. The girls range in age from early 20's to early 50's pretty equally spaced. is my third career and by far the most rewarding and challanging. Hang in there guys. If this old fart can do it, so can you.
  8. by   thumper360
    I am 26. I started at 22 then went the firefighter/emt-i route, now I am back to where I started.
  9. by   mxems
    I'm 34. Will be 35 when I graduate.
  10. by   Capt_Syd
    I'm 33.
  11. by   jetfuel
    I'm 45; started a year and-a-half ago.

    There are quite a few men in my prereq courses (A&P now); probably about 30%.

  12. by   massimo
    I am 30 and starting BA in Nursing next year, 2010. I'll be 31 then and will only graduate by the time I'm 34 or so .. I need all the best wishes guys!
  13. by   keithjones
    I will be 33 when I start my ADN program. I already have a B.A. in youth ministry. I will be in my early 40's when I finish CRNA school... depending on how many years it takes to get accepted.