Majority of Americans unhappy with Obamas' health care proposal....

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Looks like the government is trying to slip something by the public that they don't approve of.

What do you think?

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Americans Are Against the Health Care Proposal

By Matt Towery

July 17, 2009

Now to a subject that may appear either to have been beaten to death or to be a done deal -- the proposed health reform bill that the House of Representatives passed out of committee this past week. Let me make it clear that my company, a polling firm, has no client in the healthcare arena. Perhaps we should, because the national survey we conducted this week for one of the publications we own indicates clearly that while the House and President Obama may love the proposal, the American public hates it.

We polled 636 registered voters nationwide (margin of error 3.8 percent; poll weighted for age, race, gender and political affiliation.) The questions were simple ones about the legislation. There was no hype or "poison language" that many pollsters use to slant results.

Consider the response to the question, "What is your opinion of the proposed government-run healthcare program which is currently a part of the U.S. House of Representatives overall healthcare legislation?" Thirty-seven percent of respondents said they favored it, while 52 percent said they were opposed, with 11 percent undecided.

If you want to know why this healthcare proposal is a loser, you need go no further than to the next question we asked. "What level of trust do you have in the federal government's ability to provide and administer an efficient and effective healthcare program?"
Only 26 percent said they trust the government to do so.
That response is staggering.

...So why is this entire healthcare effort on the part of Congress such a non-starter? First of all, it involves the federal government. I would say given their track record in everything from delivering your mail to controlling costs, they probably rate pretty low with the public.

Next there is the issue of priorities. Right now
most people are scared about whether they will have a job this time next year. Reforming healthcare is really about the last thing on their collective minds.

Moreover, they don't even trust the government programs that currently exist. Seventy-three percent of the respondents said that "in terms of dollars," they consider there to be significant waste in the federal Medicaid and Medicare programs.
Sixty-one percent said that the waste in those programs should be addressed before any new legislation is enacted.

Maybe another reason for displeasure is that people are now learning how the plan would be funded. About half of the respondents to the poll said that either they or a family member worked for a company that does not currently provide health benefits. When asked what they thought the leadership of their company would do if either forced to pay for insurance or pay a tax of up to eight percent of each uninsured employee's salary,
59 percent said their company would either reduce the number of employees or try to lower salaries.

Trust me, this is one ugly bill.

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Problem is

a. poll # in comparrison to total # of Americans....

b. Inside knowellege of what employeers will actually do


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Problem is

a. poll # in comparrison to total # of Americans....

b. Inside knowellege of what employeers will actually do

A. That's why the margin of error is calculated to be 3.8%, you'd have to read the source article to see other measures of statistical significance. If you take statistics, there are ways to sample a small percentage and evaluate if it is a "true" test of the larger set. A 3.8% MOE is pretty darn good.

B. They asked the respondants what they "thought" their employers would do. This was an opinion question not a question of fact. And I think this is a fine question to substantiate/support the title of the article.

Good points NRSKarenRN, but I don't think they change the message.


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Oh, goody -- more insight from a GOP website.

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I am pretty much unhappy with everything Obama is doing. We are all going to look like Cocaine addicts when he is done with us...we are all going to get taxed through the NOSE!!! At least those of us that work.


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oh, goody -- more insight from a gop website.


[color=white]if you want i can get you signed up on their email list.


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Pretty soon the sheeples will finally see that Obama is all smoke and mirrors long on rhetoric but short on solutions. Hope and Change means a lot to people who are trying to get something for nothing.

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Then again a majority of Americans are supporting some form of a public option to enhance coverage of the insured and reduce health care inflation.


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The aforementioned link is to a GOP website. I'd much rather prefer a link or source that is more neutral, not one that is biased toward the Republican or Democratic Party.

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Are You Kidding ? :down::down::down:


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A lot of Americans are wondering how President Transparency is going to pay for it. Actually, we know. That's why it's going nowhere.

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