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Maintaining immune system in NS

Has 2 years experience. Specializes in IBCLC.

In the past I've found that I'm susceptible to illness when I'm stressed and don't get adequate sleep. Now, this was when I was in the military working 50 hrs a week, with 2 kids under 2 and breastfeeding. I'm not in that situation anymore, kids are 2 & 3, no longer breastfed, sleep through the night, and I get some decent sleep.

Another thing that I get with stress is apthous ulcers (major >dime sized) I've found a Hazelwood necklace helps to prevent them though.

What are some ways to maintain immune health through nursing school?

I'm going to drink a green smoothie every morning with kale, romaine hearts, ginger, pear or apple, berries, and almond milk. I'm trying to clean up my diet now, before school starts. I'm also going to try to go running at my school's gym after classes. I have a notoriously crappy immune system (2 bouts of pneumonia, 1 bout of bronchitis, and strep every few years...I also tend to catch whatever cold my classmate comes to school with), but I do a lot better when my lifestyle is clean and active. I'm also taking vitamins. As far as sleep goes: I'll get as much as I can while in school, but I'm sure that will suffer a bit.

direw0lf, BSN

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I'm like Purple_rose, and like those kinds of drinks.

Maybe finding different ways to manage your stress rather than trying to dart the symptoms too? Like meditation and breathing techniques to do every day?

Exercise has been good to my endorphins and stress haha.


Has 2 years experience. Specializes in IBCLC.

My nursing school includes a gym membership in the tuition. I'm hoping to make good use of that!


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