Favorite thing about living in Maine?

  1. As a soon-to-be newbie moving to Maine please tell me the favorite thing you like about living there!!

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  3. by   Imissthefall
    C'mon!!! Anyone
  4. by   Freedom42
    There are so many things. Since you're headed to BNAS, here are some of my favorite things about Brunswick and environs:

    Beautiful old sea captains' homes.

    Wild Oats and the Eveningstar Cinema -- fantastic bakery and movie theater at the Tontine Mall in town. Bart and Greg's DVD Explosion is there, too.

    Fat Boy -- great drive-in alongside the base. Burgers and fries. Nothing's changed there since the fifties. Watch the P-3s fly in.

    Harpswell, Harpswell, Harpswell. Great collection of islands that are only a 20-minute drive from the base. Be sure to ride on the Casco Bay Ferry.

    Seeing the Christmas tree atop the crane at Bath Iron Works every year for as long as I can remember. Be sure to visit the Maine Maritime Museum nearby.

    Walking along the Bowdoin College campus in October. Oh, and the town Halloween parade -- a thousand kids in costume, marching along as the school band plays the theme from "The Addams Family." Not to be missed.

    Reid State Park in Georgetown, one of the few great sandy beaches on the midcoast. Thirty minutes or so from Brunswick. Beautiful for walking along the water and enjoying the beach roses.

    If you've got kids, they will love Brunswick. The town has terrific recreation programs. You'll see hundreds of people at soccer games every Saturday. Very friendly place.
  5. by   Imissthefall
    "If you've got kids, they will love Brunswick. The town has terrific recreation programs. You'll see hundreds of people at soccer games every Saturday. Very friendly place."

    Yes, we have 2 kids and are very excited to move there. It's sad that they are closing down BNAS though!

    Thanks for all the info and thanks for replying.
  6. by   lauries sister
    Portland, Maine is rich in history, The home of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is on Congress St. next to the Historical Library, He dearly loved children, and during his time, his home was always open and any child could walk in and visit him! Christmas is really beautiful at the Victorian Mansion, and if you go to the Western Promanade, close to Maine Medical Center, There are many beautiful historical homes to enjoy, Remember to go the Old Port section of Portland, on Commercial St. If time permits take Ferry ride out to the Islands on a beautiful sunny day.... ENJOY!!!
  7. by   rninme
    Hiking in Acadia, great lakes for fishing, friendly people everywhere. Have never regretted moving here!

    You have children?....take them to the Children's Discovery Museum in Bangor.....they'll have a great time.
  8. by   nursing twin
    I love all the restaurants in portland...the front room is my favorite. We are close to all the bars and nightlife just take a cab. I like how the city feels safer than cities in mass. Sunday River is about 1 1/2 away for weekend trips. it's fun to discover all of the coastal towns and eat a lobster roll. There are places to go hiking nearby...can't get enough of Acadia in Bar Harbor. We will camp there and hike during the day and then go into bar harbor at night. The winter is long though so it really helps if you get into outdoor activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, whatever.
  9. by   acadia
    The beauty of the coastal areas, walking and playing on the beaches (kids as well) they were always finding some treasure.
    Camping from one extreme to the other- camping with all the "comforts" to camping such as off the long dirt road in, canoe over to island in the lake and you are it. The only person, people there.
    Sunrises and sunsets. Northern lights and winter skies with stars so brilliant, so clear, so many if you live rural as I do. Fresh snowfall on the trees, changing the landscape as we otherwise see it. Ice on the branches(or everything) after an ice storm. When the sun comes out, the pictures are so beautiful, everything sparlking in the light of the sun.
    Loons on the lake in the summer. Summer, some days have this soft warm haze that is so beautiful. The smell of the trees when it is really hot outside, they smell so good. The clean fresh incredible smell of fall.
    The tourists that want to get to know the area, people etc. I have met some really nice people visiting. Seeing Maine through their eyes and their wish to live in such a beautiful place reminds me how very lucky I am to be in such a special state. As you can tell there is not very much I do not like about Maine, maybe 20below wind chill factors, but it passes, as does mud and thankfully black flies.
    Living in and loving Maine,
  10. by   rn98friendlynurse
    Quote from Imissthefall
    C'mon!!! Anyone
    Living in maine is living in peace where you can usually feel safe and living in maine you have the ability to slow down jsut a little bit People care about people most of the time
  11. by   MOOSEMAN
    Quote from Imissthefall
    As a soon-to-be newbie moving to Maine please tell me the favorite thing you like about living there!!

    Shoveling snow in April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
  12. by   shawnrj
    Wayyyy back in June of 1984 I just got out of Coast Guard boot camp and my first unit was the Coast Guard Cutter Spar in South Portland, ME. My favorite thing about living in Maine was just that, living in Maine. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful state in this country and the most wonderful people. The islands of Maine are absulutely beautiful and I've been to a few. My favorite things about Maine are the seafood, expecially lobster, steamed clams and raw oysters, the beautiful scenery, Old Orchard Beach, no traffic (at least not in '84 and '85), L.L. Bean, Portland Head lighthouse, bars, clean air, restaurants and again, the people, Bar Harbor, Rockland and the accent is kinda funny too. I would love to go back there someday.
  13. by   morgorm
    Bass Fishing !!!
  14. by   Dialysister
    You can actually talk to a real person when you call the Board of Nursing!