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  1. acadia

    Going back into Nursing?

    hamptonmedical, lol!!! I live by your first sentence!! Such is life. Thank you for letting me know how it went for you going back after being away for awhile. I really miss it some days and wonder how it would be. Hard work, never an issue, thick skin- I wish came a little easier though. Acadia
  2. acadia

    Going back into Nursing?

    I have been tossing the idea of going back into Nursing and wondered if there were any of you here that might have done this? If so how hard was it getting back into it? I really feel the "don't use them lose them" around the topic of skills. I have no idea how viable an option this is. Is there a refresher course offered anywhere in Maine? I am in the mid coast region and know Pen Bay offers an occasional one. They offered it a couple of years ago and only two people showed up. Might there be others I am unaware of. Thank you for any info about how hard/easy this might be. Acadia
  3. acadia

    Newfoundland Nursing

    My husband and I are both R.N.'s living in Maine. It is our hope that with planning we would be able to live and work in Newfoundland. We have visited for extended periods of time. I saw the site for entry to practice competencies for Alberta, is there such a site for Newfoundland? We both have extensive experience in Geriatric nursing with my husband holding supervisory roles. My experience has been in Mental Health, Crisis Intervention/Stabilization, Corrections and Education. Are we being realistic in our intense desire to become a member living and working in a small Newfoundland town? Thank you for any words of wisdom, stories, good and bad would be read with interest. Acadia
  4. acadia

    Maine Health Forum

    Thank you for the information about the site, I did not know. I find it interesting keeping up with the Bird Flu news but also found myself diverted when it was not being reported on as frequently. Acadia
  5. acadia

    Suit: Dead rat found in senior's mouth

    I agree 100%,with Peach Pie and ernurse16-- worked in LTC more yrs. than I care to count. Used some of my info to write papers in Nursing School and enlightened more than a few.It is beyond words what some nursing homes are like and it all comes down to the dollar. To think over the years I have actually seen improvement from what it used to be like. Very sad. Good drugs for me when it is my time to go, insulin works too!
  6. acadia

    Favorite thing about living in Maine?

    The beauty of the coastal areas, walking and playing on the beaches (kids as well) they were always finding some treasure. Camping from one extreme to the other- camping with all the "comforts" to camping such as off the long dirt road in, canoe over to island in the lake and you are it. The only person, people there. Sunrises and sunsets. Northern lights and winter skies with stars so brilliant, so clear, so many if you live rural as I do. Fresh snowfall on the trees, changing the landscape as we otherwise see it. Ice on the branches(or everything) after an ice storm. When the sun comes out, the pictures are so beautiful, everything sparlking in the light of the sun. Loons on the lake in the summer. Summer, some days have this soft warm haze that is so beautiful. The smell of the trees when it is really hot outside, they smell so good. The clean fresh incredible smell of fall. The tourists that want to get to know the area, people etc. I have met some really nice people visiting. Seeing Maine through their eyes and their wish to live in such a beautiful place reminds me how very lucky I am to be in such a special state. As you can tell there is not very much I do not like about Maine, maybe 20below wind chill factors, but it passes, as does mud and thankfully black flies. Living in and loving Maine, Cadi
  7. dorselm, do you know any of the staff at the hospital where you will be working after edu.?As someone mentioned, it does help a great deal if the others you are working with have a sense of humor. I add humor, also a sense of everyone working together, comittment, humor, real care for people, and humor. I do not like crushing a dream for anyone, because I think nursing will be better one day again. Maybe it will begin with new nurses such as yourself.Some places are better to work than others, I do still hold out hope of finding, not the perfect nursing job(no such thing) but one that I can live with and still have my life when I get home.I hope this helps your Thankgiving a little. Studying ahead will help because you will have to know these things anyway, I would keep preparing. You will find book learning vs IRL working very different for sure as in many professions and keeping your eyes open, very wise.
  8. This is probably a huge mistake on my part, but here I go. Epona, you are correct in stating we have to take care of ourselves, having lunch going to the bathroom, that really does sound good in theory. Honestly with the patient/staff workload, the paperwork, the regular meds, tx`x, the MD orders, ordering meds, assisting CNA`s, talking with family members, then, someone falls, or develops chest pains,the phone is ringing, prns to give, oh my just remembering it all is still so frustrating to me. I wanted to be a nurse all my life, started as a candystriper back in the day, worked as a CNA 15+ yrs. Finally had the opportunity to go to school to be an RN, my dream. Also single parent 3kids (one 14mo old) I still grad. with honors & I only add that part to show how much I loved what I was doing, learning. Then came work; as a CNA we were always short staffed so I rarely took lunch/supper break. It was a given. As an RN I never took breaks on shift but I put my foot down when it came to a meal .5 all of it. I needed that time not to eat, no to STOP re-eval my list of the day, what was left to do, what was I not going to get done. It gave me the time to clear my head and plan what was left of my day, oh yea and go to the bathroom. I was the charge, tx, med nurse for my floor with 2 sometimes 3 CNA`s. I never got out on time charted standing up or in a room with someone dying so they knew someone was with them their last hrs. in this life. The admin. just keeps adding more and more that needs to be done, new assessments to do (well someone has to look at them) state regs the pharmacy and monitoring certain meds. I could go on and on. I was told many times I wa an excellent nurse, good asessment skills, and the ability to stay calm in chaos.I always had a calm approach with my patients no matter what the situation was, knowing to act stresed would only heighten everyones anxiety. Anyway I burnt out totally. I had been in geriatric (which I love esp. geriatric psych.) mental health and crisis intervention,taught the state CNA course, worked as a prison triage nurse, I still have not found my niche. Actually instead of any flames I woulld greatly, really appreciate any input in finding a niche in Nursing because I do still love the concept, it is trying to do the impossible day after day, no support that wiped me out. So I do welcome constructuive, educational input. Epona I wish you only the best of luck in your new career, I hope you find nursing what you need it to be for your happiness. I do miss the patient contact, being on the floor etc. Life is way too short to work like this under these conditions. Just my 2 cents. cadia as an aside, one place I worked, mandatory NO overtime, we nurses punched out and then would do our documenting, when we complained management would not hear it. So guess what we nurses did, yep. Care not documented is care not given, and I`d be damned. but I hated being treated like that. ditti inglein I woiuld say I am bitter as well. It is wondered why there is a shortage, hhhhhmmmm let me stop and count the reasons, sadly, very sadlry. acadia
  9. acadia

    Best nursing job in Maine?

    My best Nursing positions have been in Psych. I feel challenged working with people that struggle with mental illness. It is a difficult painful disease and I personally feel I have made a difference in someones life by listening, advocating, or educating. Which can be said in the other areas of nursing as well. I think, do not know for sure, but a State Surveyor looks like it would be interesting. I would at least enjoy being on the other side for a change!:spin:
  10. acadia

    From Maine

    Wow, Quebec sounds terrible, I hear that you do not like it there. I can`t say as I blame you.!!! Hi, by the way, yes apple picking (my favorite) time. I am sorry you are too far away to experience this, but maybe soon, right??? I hope you find what you need for info to get back.I can look, get back to you about Portland job possibilities, if you would like. Acadia
  11. acadia

    Huge Mistake?!?

    Just quickly wanted to say this is so like something that would happen to me. I am sorry it happened, it feels awful. I think I would just let it go, but that is me. If I were to contact them it seems it would only make it worse. IMHO. I would love to know what others have done as well, this did happen to me once. Sorry not to be of help, only empathize. Cadia
  12. acadia

    Anyone from Skowhegan/Waterville area?

    Hi, your very welcome. I wanted to add, that in the beginning it can be frustrating, but if you stay focused on what you know you want/need for your best nursing experience, that will help. Being assertive, as in standing up for yourself is essential also. Not aggressive, just not being walked all over `cuz your new. There are many very, very nice, helpful, supportive, and wonderful nurses, that love teaching, and I think most are. Beware the tired, burned out, and unhappy ones, they are out there as well. Going in with this awareness, if you do run into a negative situation, it may not be as discouraging for you as a new nurse. Acadia
  13. acadia

    From Maine

    Hi Lisa, I don`t live in Bangor, but I wanted to say hi. I have seen several job openings, probably like everywhere in Nursing these days! I have been to visit many a sick relative/friend at EMMC. It seems nice, happy with the care. It has sure grown over the yrs.! Hard to believe when I think back to what it was. It was large then, comparitively speaking. Well, I hope it won`t be too long a wait, before you get to where you want to be. Acadia love2knit as well, also spin and felt wool
  14. acadia

    Anyone from Skowhegan/Waterville area?

    manangmdrn, Hi and congratulations!!!! I do not live in your area, but some hospitals offer a preceptorship. It seems a way to get into this area (if this is where you want to go) get experience actually on people, but under the guidance of a nurse with experience and a willingness to teach. The preceptor can be a support and/or mentor, then coaching you towards more independent nursing, as you gain confidence in your abilities.Some are long, so you really get a good feel for everything before you are actually on your own. There are Long Term Care facilities, and in this setting many times there is a skilled nursing unit as well as residents that are living there.These are just a couple.. I hope you find what you are looking for! It is exciting just starting out, I wish you the best. Acadia
  15. acadia

    Move to Canada?

    romansten9, I agree you had the best opportunity to look a both sides considering your situation. I am curious, given your nursing area of interest and experience, would you be able to do the same in CA? What would be the differences?. Yes we can all make personal choices for better health, and what we expose ouselves too. Some healthy choices are where you might live as well. Here in NE, winter is cold, snowy; it sounds like you may be in warmer climes, mentioning beaches and swimming. It would not be the extra couple of yrs. I may or may not live, but yet to live (hopefully after all this paperwork and waiting) and work in a place of such serenity and beauty, would be healthy emotionally, not to mention B/P, as well. We both being RN`s, would be able to bring our skills, and experiences to their workforce, Newfoundland facing a shortage of nurses as well. You mention health-care, here I am being told by the insurance company, what meds I may or may not take. Having an MD order for something, then being told by a non-medical, or sometimes RN, that we do not need this or that tx, surgery, using I/we as there are many family and friends also in the same plight. Seems no easy answer to health care issues. We both want that quiet lifestyle of close friends, and community. This made all the better by the stunning beautiful atomsphere. I don`t mean to bombard you with questions, but I am curious, I hope you do not mind. Acadia If you want it to be PM that is fine.