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Newfoundland Nursing

acadia specializes in Psych., Educatio, Geriatrics.

My husband and I are both R.N.'s living in Maine. It is our hope that with planning we would be able to live and work in Newfoundland. We have visited for extended periods of time.

I saw the site for entry to practice competencies for Alberta, is there such a site for Newfoundland? We both have extensive experience in Geriatric nursing with my husband holding supervisory roles. My experience has been in Mental Health, Crisis Intervention/Stabilization, Corrections and Education.

Are we being realistic in our intense desire to become a member living and working in a small Newfoundland town? Thank you for any words of wisdom, stories, good and bad would be read with interest. Acadia

NotReady4PrimeTime specializes in NICU, PICU, PCVICU and peds oncology.

Have a look at the web site for the nursing regulatory body for Newfoundland and Labrador http://www.arnnl.nf.ca/ and see if the information you're looking for is there. The competencies for entry to practice will be very similar because Canada has national standards across the board. And no you're not being unrealistic in thinking you could live and work in a small town in Newfoundland! Real estate is quite reasonable there, the cost of living is a little steep, it being so isolated, but it's not astronomical. Good luck!

You are certainly not unrealistic about your desire to come an work in Newfoundland & Labrador. The previous post regarding the regulatory body, Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland & Labrador (http://www.arnnl.nf.ca/) is correct - start with them regarding liscense registration and other profesional practice requirements.

With regard to employment opportunities, there are certainly options available to you. Depending on the area, town or region in which you wish to live and work, you should be able to find employment opportunities. Your best bet is to contact employers directly to discuss opportunties and current vacancies, perhaps starting with Eastern & Central Health.

Eastern Health - http://www.easternhealth.ca/

Central Health: http://www.cwhc.nl.ca/CRIHA%20Cover.htm

Western Health: http://www.westernhealth.nl.ca/

Labrador Grenfell Health: http://www.lghealth.ca/

All nurses working in the public health care system are also members of the Newfoundland & Labrador Nurses' Union. More information about the union can be found at www.nlnu.nf.ca

Best of luck. It is a beautiful province in which to live and work.

OMG!!! we would welcome all nurses here. This summer we have a drastic nursing shortage and R.N's are being denied annual leave or have to take less than requested. Be warned...lots of OT, and being ordered back to work...so don't answer your phone!!!

One R.N. retired 3 years ealy because she was denied annual leave in May!!!

I've worked all over Canada. Newfoundland is great..outdoor life is great but YOU BETTER LIKE THE COLD WINTER'S AND SHORT SUMMERS!!!

LPN/RPN positions are needed in fair amount on the rock. Medication course is a must now. Our facility now has a lot of PCA's which are being brought in more and more.....too bad because the assessment skills are not there. Acute care facilities do not have LPN's in ER or OBS anymore. No LPN's in ER and some areas not in Surgery either. LTC facilities are a better chance I think but only an LPN from here can give you more info. No permanent positions...on call and if you come you may have to go on the list BELOW the PCA"s. A lot of complaints about that but the union NAPE made that decision. Check it out throughly before you decide to come.

nursemama2be specializes in LTC, Community.

thanks for the info...

medication administration is a major part of our 2 yr diploma RPN program.. and taught from first semester on...

i don't know if i wanna do LTC... im scare of losing alot of the skills im learning especially in med/surg

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