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At school Friday, they handed out a subscription card for Nursing Made Incredibly Easy . I would really like to order this magazine but I am wondering if any of you all have any others that you would recommend to me. Does anyone know if this particular magazine is any good? Thanks in advance ~Twintoo


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I just subscribed to it in the fall - they were passing out those little cards around our school too. So far from the issues I have received, I like it a lot! Very helpful, easy to understand language. I have a lot of the Incredibly Made Easy books and swear by them. So far the magazine is just as promising, I would recommend it.


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Get it!! Because I went to a seminar that the author gave about Nursing Made Incredibly Easy. I loved it!! They sold out of books at the seminar so I couldn't buy one. I tried to get one from and have waited 2 months and I haven't received it yet. Now I don't need it. I've already finished nursing school. Nursing instructors should look at the book and magazine to help teach the nursing subjects. It doesn't have to be so hard. It could actually be explained to the point where it is more understandable.........and that would mean better grades!! Take care and good luck!!

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I didn't know they had a mag. I'll have to check that out... I get Nursing2004 and love it!


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I get Nursing 2004 and RN....both have been wonderful whenever I need articles from journals or just to help me understand the material better.

You've made me curious about this Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! I'm going to have to look that up! Thanks! :)


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I get Nursing Made Incredibly Easy and Nursing 2004. They are very different, but I find both to be informative and interesting.


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i, too, just subscribed to the one you mentioned and the ajn on wednesday.

i was given some ajn by a friend and have only glanced them, therefore, i can't comment on their contents intelligently but they look informative.

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I subscribe to Nursing2004, but I'm not wild about it. Probably the next one I subscribe to will be AJN.


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Thank you all so much. I ordered Nursing Made Incredibly Easy last night after the first responses. :) I looked up RN last night and $50/year??? :eek: Is that right?

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