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have you eve heard of instilling 10cc of lubricant in to the urthra prior to inserting the foley catherter?? what is the name of this technique and what are the procedures? can you given me any research done of this technique?


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sheee-it...i just spit on the tip of that catheter afore i sticks it in...

no,actually...ya just dip it in a blob of sterile lube that comes in the foley cath insertion tray...


I was taught in school that You never put any lube directly into the urethra, because it tends to clog the foley which impeds what your doing in the first place. I have seen Urologists do it on Male catheterizations though but only maybe 1 cc or so, never 10 cc good grief, Just what all are you lubing up there????

The 10cc syringe in the box is for lubing the catheter tubing but not for injecting it into the urethra itself. I dont know of a rationel that would have that as a procedure.



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Oh yes-not only have I seen it done, I've done it myself, many, many times! Especially in elderly men with potential urethral strictures or that enlarged prostate, it gives you plenty of lubrication to enable you to get the catheter into the bladder and cause the patient the least amount of pain.

As far as I am concerned about it "clogging the catheter," that is a bunch of hooey. It is a water-based gel, so will dissolve upon contact with urine. I have never, and I repeat never, had a problem cathing an elder gentleman using that technique.

One caution-as you hold the shaft of the *eni*up near the glans, insert the tip of the 10 cc syringe gently into the urinary meatus with the other hand (always "break" the syringe in by pressing the plunger down beforehand, until some lubricant comes from its tip). GENTLY instill the lubricant. If you feel any resistance, do not continue to press the plunger down-you could easily rupture the urethra!:o :eek: :D ;)

aus nurse

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Yep I have done it many many times too for male catheterisations.

I have always used 10cc of a water based lignocaine comes prepackaged and all docs and nurses use it here.

You instill it like Cathy described then wait a few minutes for the local anaesthetic to work then pop the catheter in. I have never had any problems with clogging of the foley. A lot of the lube actually oozes back out again on insertion.....I use the sterile paper towel that comes in the pack to wipe some back off, otherwise it makes it hard to get a good grip.:rolleyes: :D

For the female catheters I use the blob of lube like Sunny describes.


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well, i'll be...ya learn sumpthin new every day..never heard of that...

thanks for the edumication...


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Uro Jet........a prefilled syringe of lidocaine jelly for urological procedures...I have seen this and another type.



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can you given me step by step instuctions on this technique, and where is it primarily used., I mean what countries do this, where did tis technique originate, what is the name of this technique

sue graham

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we recommed the use of instilligal for urethral catheterisation for both men and woman.


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Same here as Sue wrote.

But with the men, wait a few minutes, then the lidocain is setting in.

sue graham

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yes you must wait at least 4minutes for both men and woman.

A lot of Nurses think instilligel should only be used for men,but researsh proves otherwise.

sue graham

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anybody out there who has written a policy on the promotion of continence? if they have please share it with me.

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