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i was hoping someone could help me i want to become an RN but i am considering becoming a LPN first but i want to work in NICU.:uhoh3: so i was wondering are there any lpn's in your nicu?

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We currently have 1 LPN, but she has been working for awhile. We don't hire LPNs into NICU anymore. I don't think the hospital hires LPNs anymore at all.


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We have one LPN where I work, but she works as more of a tech, doing audits, stocking, etc. They phased out LPNs at my hospital, but the unit managed to keep her, because she had worked on the unit for something like 20 years. Her job description just changed.

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Our LPN has a patient assignment, but they are feeder/growers and she is not ever put in charge, on transport or on admit.

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There is one LPN on my unit. She was hired probably about 7yrs ago when the there was a REALLY BAD shortage of nurses on my unit due to who knows what! She takes a pt assignment (feeder/grower) and an RN MUST do a complete assessment on her babies every shift. She's also not allowed to have babies with IV fluids/meds except I think caffeine. No babies with PICCs or CVLs, TPN or any more respiratory support than a nasal canula.

My unit no longer hires LPNs.

This was pretty much the same a the NICU where I interned as a student and also at the NICU at the University hospital where I got my degree.


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Our unit doesn't hire LVN's (the TX/CA equivalent of LPN's), but I do work with an RN who was an LVN at a pediatric clinic prior to earning her degree and RN licensure.


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Our unit doesn't hire LVNs....there is one who was in the unit like 10 years ago when they hired LVNs so they kinda grandfathered her in but they don't hire them anymore.

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We don't either, they do use them on well baby side, but our hospital does not have any LPNs in the ICU's. I think this is true, esp if you are a magnet hospital.

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We hire LPN's who can do a little more than techs, after they are here 6 months, they can take an IV course and become an LPN 2 and then take a full level 2 assignment.


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We don't have lpns here in our NICU, and I think that's ok due to the fact the preemies can be unpredictable (ABCDs) and the assesments often subtle. That's my opinion. I'd say skip the LPN and go for the RN, if you really want NICU and try for an internship.


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We don't hire LPN's for any critical care environment. I think our hospital still hires them for observation units, long-term care, in the clinics and for patient sitters. Basically, anywhere that IV meds/care would be unusual.

I don't know what the cost is where you are, but here it costs the same to get either license, and there's only 9-12 months between them. So, you'd spend $500 to work for 9 months as an LPN, and then turn around and pay $500 for the RN.

You'd probably get better experience in an intern/extern program, or even some good experience as a healthcare tech. The RN's tend to be pretty helpful and offer loads of learning experiences if they know you're going to school. Good luck!


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I believe we have 2 LPN's. We try not to hire them for a # of reasons. They are unable to give certain medications, no IV meds, & are unable to even start IV's. Plus, at the end of their shifts they are not allowed to write end of shift notes an RN has to go back & look over all their work & write a note. Basically all their work has to be overseen by a RN. Therefore, they are like a glorified nurse tech. (this is really not ment to be hurtful to anybody) Helpful but I think in our unit it just overloads other RN's since we have to basically figure out everything they did all night & they are basically practicing under a RN's license. . .personally I don't want to be responsible for that. I have myself to worry about.

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