LPN students we are half way done !


I just took my final yesterday, and it finally hit me that after next semester ( Gods will) I will be a LPN... July 25th 2009 ! After I graduate I plan on taking a year or less to finish up my prereqs so that I can apply for the RN program Fall of 2010. However, I will still be very happy and proud of my LPN !!!! Atleast I will still be a NURSE.:p I have 3 more classes next semester to take. It includes mother/baby, Med Surg, and another short class right before graduation. We go back in February, so I have plenty of time to rest, and start preparing for the next class !!! :yeah:


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whhhhhoooooo!! i know how you are feeling--i take my final today then off till mid january. i am very nervous it is a huge test today! i graduate july 23 and also am planning on returning for my RN after taking a year off of school and working as an LPN---we have the right to be proud--we work equally as hard!! sooo-CONGRATS and enjoy the break!:yeah:


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next friday is my last final till winter break, then 2 weeks off then only four months till graduation of LPN school. April 30th 2009:yeah:


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Woo hooo I'm with ya guys! we're 1/2 an LPN!! yippee and just think this time next year we'll be thinking "we're 1/2 an RN" Good luck to us!


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We finish our second term the 23rd of this month, then have 10 days off, start third term Jan 5. Graduation is August 1,2009. It certainly can't come soon enough!


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I know!! I graduate June 24th, and I am so excited my first semester is behind me!! We all should be so proud of ourselves!!!!


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I am on break until mid January and then I graduate in early May!


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yes it goes by so very fast. i went throuh all the systerms all i have is maternal health &

psychosocial i cant wait!!!! being in LVN school was not as easy as i though it was going to be

it truly opened my eyes. as for myself i want to stay anLVn and do my pre reqs while i work

im very proud of anyone who is about to complete or in the process of becoming an LVN

WOOT WOOT class of 2009 !!

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POP CHAMPAGNE !!!!! I ALSO graduate JULY 31ST ,from what iv'e heard the second half is what we already learned just more in depth on diseases and interventions,s/s etc..Clinical will also be WAAAY MORE EXCITING,no more cna work ,lmao did i just type that???

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I finish June 24 too


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Grad, Auguest 7th........ Can't wait!!

Planning on doing the RN thing as well.. Just can't seem to get enough of this nursing school..... LOL

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Only four months in....I have alittle ways to go. We all should be proud ourselves thus far. I was so scared at first..now I'm ready. Bring on Fundamentals and Pharm. Then, out for the summer. We come back in Aug 2009 for the last 9 months (clinicals).

Good Luck to you all!


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