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LPN school..NO graduation!!

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Hello everyone I am so upset..I am a LPN student and we are almost done only to find out we have NO graduation or pinning ceremony. Iam so devestated..I have my whole family awaiting the date and now what can I say.. I need suggestions please..the school said if we want we can put money together and have a celebration this is so wrong...what should I do???

When I completed LVN school, they set the date to XXX. Then they said that they had to reschedule it (this was after a few months of planning) so many people had to call off their families that were flying in from all over the place! Then they rescheduled it for 2 months after we completed school. 40 of us finished the program. Only 12 showed up for graduation. I only went because it was for my family, and all my family are local to the area. I think the most enjoyable part of the whole day was going out to dinner after the ceremony with just my family... I'm sorry that they are stealing a special moment from you, but you really don't have many options. I would just have a party/dinner with my family and keep it personal. You can always try to rent a location, if you want, at a restaurant for the whole class if that was something that you wanted.


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Wow... you know though, I've heard of this becoming more and more common and it's a shame. We had the full deal, and the pride shone... although we did have to move venues because the roof of the church caved in two days before we were supposed to graduate. Nice ceremony nonetheless. We started out with 16 on the first day of school and ended up with 8 graduates. Were it me, I'd do everything possible to have some kind of celebration. You all worked too hard not to!


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We did the walk across the stage, get the diploma, coffee and cake afterwards for guests.

The whole dinner thing? My class had too many cliques to make it work.

If the class has to organize it, keep it simple and inexpensive. We had three babies scream the entire time.

That sucks, you and your classmates should still looking into celebrating none the less. Unfortunately, I did not have a ceremony after my completing my LPN. We finished in December, so it was scheduled for the 18th. Then the day before there was a horrible ice storm and it was cancelled and not rescheduled. Our class was not the most cohesive bunch and pretty clique-ish so we did not do anything either, but my family did a little gathering for me.

I've heard as well that more schools are getting rid of the pinning ceremony. My school cancelled ours as well, then rescheduled it at the very last minute. You said you are about to complete school soon and the school said you all can put money together for a ceremony..my class thought about doing that as well when they first cancelled our pinning. The only problem is nobody had any money :-/

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I purposely did not attend the graduation ceremony at the end of LVN program that I completed. In my opinion, graduation ceremonies are for families and friends to celebrate your accomplishment while the graduates are in a virtual fishbowl for everyone to see. In a nutshell, graduation ceremonies are purely optional and not very important to me.

I planned to attend the graduation ceremony at the end of the RN completion program that I had attended, primarily because my parents wanted to be there. However, the ceremony was cancelled on the morning that it was supposed to have taken place due to a snowy blizzard that rendered the roads and interstates hazardous. I was secretly pleased that fate intervened to ensure that I could skip out on this latest graduation.

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Aww, I'm sorry to hear that about your graduation. Perhaps you could have a small party of your closest friends & family at a restaurant ? That way you can in fact celebrate your success :) Congrats on finishing the program!

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It wouldnt take much to do one on your own, that is.. if your classmates are willing to help out. Take a vote, see how many people are interested in having a graduation/pinning.

If you have a decent amount of classmates willing to do the work, assign everyone something to do and go for it.

They were going to have a graduation ceremony at a church? I would have skipped it just for that.

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They were going to have a graduation ceremony at a church? I would have skipped it just for that.
The graduation ceremonies for both my LVN and RN programs were being held at churches. Apparently, churches are known for renting their spaces at prices that schools can easily afford.

I would be okay with it. As long as I got my diploma and eventually passed boards.


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Our school did the whole thing. We had a pinning committee (which I was a part of) who planned the whole event. We paid class dues which funded each aspect of the ceremony including a single rose for each student, 20 invitations for each student (could order and pay for more), our personal pin, our personalized scroll (used the college printing classes for invitations and scroll). We sent personal invitations to the School Admin (who let us use their space) and paid for the rest with our class dues and fund raisers throughout the courses. Fund raisers included teachers who had auctions on certain days for items donated, class recycling, bake sales, holiday sales, and so on. You can always take charge with the help of a few teachers, but planning needs to start early.


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I would be upset, too. Your school should've mentioned that months earlier, so you and your classmates could get things organized if a majority of you wanted to have a graduation ceremony.

The majority of ours did, so we didn't have to face the issue, and nobody was obligated to attend or donate anything. Our instructors and the DON of the school attended.

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Wow, I guess things were different back when dinosaurs walked the earth. At the half way point we had a "capping" ceremony and then at graduation we had the whole gown and cap thing along with getting our pin. Of course we were at a CC with an auditorium, so space wasn't an issue...of course the parental units along with aunts and uncles were all there as I was only the 2nd family member and first "girl" to graduate from college...they didnt' care t hat it was a CC...I still got a diploma.

Then it was on to the looooooong state board test pool exam that took up to 10 weeks to hear back from again, this was when dinos walked the earth and pre-computerized anything:rolleyes:.

Ohhh we were sooo proud of those caps I ended up hating that caught on everything and btw those are nylons not panty hose...ugh Face has been blurred to protect the inocent and anyone who might still be alive to figure out who I am.:smokin:


My daughter's school dropped the ball. The class officers got together and did it all. All of it. If those few students had not made the effort, there would have been no nice ceremony. But then, they figured out early on that they weren't going to get any help from the school officials. It was a good thing they figured this out in enough time to do the planning. I suggest you get together with your classmates and do a quick go over. Start with the question of whether or not students want to even bother. Sorry this happened to you.