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  1. by   2bnursejacksonrn
    Hi I'm Nurse Jackson and im going to be starting the LPN program in June. Im very nervous about the material but im so excited about becoming a nurse. I plan to take the bridge course from LPN to BSN next year. Does anyone know how long the LPN to BSN takes?
  2. by   suespets
    how does that work, the 5 yr,8 month thing?
  3. by   lvnandmomx3
    Quote from suespets
    how does that work, the 5 yr,8 month thing?
    I think she is saying her 11 yrs of LPN experience = 5 yrs and 8 months of RN experience.
    I have heard that most places give you a 2=1 ratio.
  4. by   cook202n
    Did you know that in Canada LPN's have to take 4 full years to complete the RN program, there is no branching out. AND we are aloud as lpns to give IV meds as well as start IV's. Plus anything else an RN does!! I wish i lived in USA where you can branch out and it doesn't cost you 4 full years.
  5. by   frznmommy
    Hello ladies. First I just want to say, "CONGRATULATIONS"!!! I know how difficult this road can be! I am a 34 yr old married mom of two children, a 2 1/2 yr old little boy and a 8 1/2 yr old little girl. I graduate in just three weeks as an LPN. I am also enrolled into the ADN program in the fall of this year. I haven't any experience as an LPN let alone an RN so as I work and go to school, I hope to learn as much as I can. I feel VERY unprepared to work and it is all very surreal. I have been working on this for three years, so I only have six classes left to take to acheive my associates degree. Glad to of found this site and good luck to all of you ladies!!!
  6. by   tlc0710
    Hi, My name is Teresa.
    I am 29 yo. I have been an LPN x12yrs. I currently work at the Veteran's Affairs Medical Center in my area. I love the vets . I am enrolled in Mountain State University in the LPN-BSN program. They give you credit for being an LPN. This was the only program around that did this. I went 1 noc a week for the firts 1.5 yrs and now I go 2 nocs a week. One for class and the other for clinical. My experience at this particular university has not been good. I am a very organized, on time, matter of fact kind of person. They are the total opposite. But I am most happy to say I have 300 days left. I will stay at the VA b/c I have so many years in now. And the VA is good to work for. I love what I do and the people I take care of. Good luck to all of the nurses getting ready to take boards and good luck to all the nurses in school.
  7. by   Nur_1996
    Hi, I am a LPN for 13 years, working on my pre-req's for several years. I got my acceptance letter from RN program 2 weeks ago. I am pretty exicited! It will be hard juggling work and school fulltime again, But I'm ready!
  8. by   tlc365
    Hi -I am enrolled at University of Phoenix at Phoenix AZ in the LPN-BSN program. I had no wait on a list and work at an inpatient facility for women with Eating Disorders. I would like to eventually do Home Health nursing in my area after getting more med-surg experience. I will graduate Feb 2011.
  9. by   goldielox2RN
    Hello Everyone!!!! I am a 23 year old Medical Assistant, CNA, dialysis technician and surgical technician. I wanted to do the LPN-RN transition but others told me to just go for the RN. I wanted to go to excelsior college but they wouldn't except me because I wasn't an LPN. I think that is very unfair. From what I was told in school, there suppose to be phasing out LPN that is why they have the transition to RN classes now, but as ya'll can see, I live and breath medicine. I love nursing this is all that I wanted to do EVER!!! I have been in school for nursing for 2 1/2 years just to be told that our nursing school is now on a waiting list for another 2 years(this is a community college) I am so upset because.... there are people only wanting be nurses for financial status..... I truely love nursing and helping people and they stiff me, can ya'll help me out?
  10. by   TN LPN 3116
    I started LPN school with a six month old and an eighteen month old. Seventeen years later I am back in school and hope to graduate in May 2009!
  11. by   TN LPN 3116
    I have been an LPN for 17 years and have heard off and on this whole time that LPNs are being phased out. Just take it with a grain of salt and don't buy into the Nursing School claptrap that LPNs are one step above trained chimps. Some of the best NURSES you will ever meet will be LPNs!
  12. by   TN LPN 3116
    I'm Beth I've been an LPN for 17yrs I did LPN school with two children in diapers and a husband deployed to Alaska. My youngest just graduated in May. I sent the husband packing in '93. I hope to graduate in May '09 with My ADN. I know it is hard juggling kids, school and work I've been there. You have all these people saying you shouldn't work or only work part time. I never had that option. Do the best you can, cut yourself some slack, your house doesn't have to be spotless just clean. You may not make every field trip or class party. You may not even have the best grades in your class. Relax and breathe YOU CAN DO THIS!
  13. by   laurienurse08
    :dhi My Name Is Laurie And I Have Been An Lpn For Three Years. Has Anyone Tried The College Network For Thier Rn? I Am Moving To Pa. Soon And Would Really Like To Become And Rn, However The Closest Lpn To Rn School Is Ninety Miles Away!