I'm Sorry But It's Ridiculous

  1. I have to vent a little here. I applied and was accepted to a ADN program at a school that recently began it's program but has decided to change it's grading policies and transfers of credit. Initially, when I applied and sent my transcripts they accepted all my transfers. I recently resubmitted because I had taken additional classes and according to them (they are in SC and I am in Georgia) SC has changed their policy on Sciences that if you attend a school on a quarter system then they must be 6hrs but my school is 5 credit hours. Though they accepted it prior to this my resubmission apparently has caused them to not take an A&P II class that they told me they accepted prior to taking it. I'm going up the ladder about this and won't stop until they fix this...

    The other thing that I'm not too fazed about is the grading policy. They have changed an "A" to 96-100 "B" to 88-95 and "C" to 80-85. Now my question is this why make it even HARDER to get nurses in a shortage with these kind of stipulations.

    I spoke with them about clinicals because we are in neighboring states could I be guaranteed or at least considered to be sent to a clinical site closer to me than 30 minutes awy. Not saying it's not worth the drive but I am working and I want to continue to so 30 minutes versus 15 min. travel time is crucial. They said they could not say that for definite. Am I asking too much?

    I'm by no means am saying make it easier but surely do not make it harder. I personally think it's ridiculous.
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  3. by   jamangel
    For those of you who have seen me post before, I am on the fence about nursing and have been struggling with getting my RN or pursuing a career in Social Work. This is really helping me decide.
  4. by   Jules A
    Well I would also push to make them accept your current A&P since they already agreed to it. As for the grading system it is a tough one but I'd rather see really sharp nurses graduating and I wonder if this isn't a way for them to weed out. Like you said thats not a big deal.

    As for the clinical assignments, our Director used to absolutely blow a gasket if anyone asked for any type of consideration. It was always too bad, make it work or get out. No excuse was worthy and just asking would put you in a horrible light with her. If this is already bothering you I wonder if you might want to take a second look at social work if that program is more flexible. Good luck with whatever you decide. Jules
  5. by   jamangel
    I just may have to do that.
  6. by   SummerGarden
    Quote from jamangel
    Now my question is this why make it even HARDER to get nurses in a shortage with these kind of stipulations.
    Don't forget that there is no shortage of students trying to get into nursing school. So schools are not feeling any pain at this time.
  7. by   llg
    Quote from MBA2BRN
    Don't forget that there is no shortage of students trying to get into nursing school. So schools are not feeling any pain at this time.

    Excellent point.
  8. by   jamangel
    I understand that but studies show that nurses aren't staying. If they were with the amount of students and graduates from every nursing program in existence, where are they going. My RN charge nurse did a very good thesis for her Masters on this very subject. I believe the programs will always have applicants but will there ever not be a shortage?
  9. by   twh2006
    I feel your pain, I am getting tired of the run around myself. It also is making me consider a career change. It's becoming a circus, and the patients will pay in the long run. It's sad.
  10. by   jamangel
    i have been taking quite a few prereqs because I don't kno if i want to continue in nursing or do social work
  11. by   NeosynephRN
    I think you are not going to have any luck with the clinical assignments...I mean at the school I go to we are expected to be willing to travel up to 2 hours each way in order to get to our clinical sites...It has not happened to me yet...but I still have one semester left!! It is not like the school can just say oh look there is a hospital lets send our students there...it is a PITA to get clinicals arranged at hospitals not to mention teachers and funding!!! I wish you luck and I hope that they will in fact take all your pre reqs!!
  12. by   aegirl
    I would definitely fight the A&P II. They accepted it prior to changing there policy and should still accept it. The grading is tough, but they want good nurses. Where I got my LPN you had to maintain a 75%. I wouldn't complain about the drive to clinicals. They aren't going to care about where you live and how far you have to drive. I had to drive 45 minutes sometimes to get to clinicals and some people had to drive well over an hour. I know it sucks but if you want to be a nurse you have to put up with there strict rules, unfortunately.