Can you give me a list of LPN/RN jobs that work with children?

  1. I am currently a nanny wanting to enter into nursing school. I would work as an LPN first then as an RN. What jobs with children could I go into? I honestly don't see myself liking the hospital environment.
    I know some nurses work in Juvenile Dentention facilities with children, etc. Can you give me a list of any jobs you can think of? I am wanting to do my research and find a great fit! Thanks!
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  3. by   chloecatrn
    There's peds rehab, there's school nursing, which requires further education post-BSN, there's private duty nursing, which requires a year of experience in a hospital, there's working in a pediatrician's office. For some reason, after that, I'm drawing a blank.
  4. by   MJB2010
    In my area there are some early intervention programs hiring nurses to go to homes and check in with babies to see if they are meeting their developmental milestones & provide education etc
  5. by   IHeartPeds87
    There are positions in group homes for kids with developmental disabilities.

    There are respite type facilities for kids with chronic care issues/disabilities...designed to give their primary caregivers (often parents) a break or the ability to work. Many of these facilities serve kids who have severe/multiple cognitive and physical impairments and are too low functioning for public school special education departments (these are often charter type programs).

    There are, as you mentioned, nurses working in junvenille detention care facilities.

    There are camp nurses that have work similar to school nursing in a camp setting, typically these are temporary jobs for the summer.

    There are nurses that work in pediatric hospice.

    There are nurses that are occasionally employed by daycare facilities (very similar to school nursing but typically the kids are younger than three, so before school age children)

    There are nurses that are employed in houses that care for kids with cancer.

    There are nurses that are employed by foster homes, again, very similar to school nursing.

    Ofcourse there are hospital nurses that work with peds in every specialty available to adults....from oncology, icu, ER, endocrinology, nicu, rehab, etc.

    There are nurses that work in pediatric rehabilitation clinics/facilities. Sometimes these are acute rehab type/live-in things where the kids are there for a number of months following an accident or something like that and get intensive therapy. There is usually a small nursing department in places like this that oversee the medical needs of the clients and work with handling everyone's doctor appointments and med passing.

    There are nurses that are employed by life skills centers and other places geared towards teaching mothers how to care for their babies (not exactly kids but somewhat related).

    There are nurses that are employed by rehab clinics for people sufferring from eating disorders...many of these would be adolescents I'd imagine.

    There are nurses that are employed in addictions places for minors (sad but true).

    There are cruise ship nurses that work with all travelers on the cruise ship....not specifically peds but on a disney cruise/something similar you are bound to get lots of peds exposure.

    Speaking of disney, there are nurses that are employed at amusement parks in the wellness centers/first aid centers to be there in case an emergency arises/deal with health concerns of people in the park at that time. Again, not strictly peds but many of your clients, I would imagine, would be kids.

    I am interested in this thread as well. All I know is that I want to work with kids, so let the suggestions keep coming!!
  6. by   Selene006
    Private duty nursing + homecare offers lots of pediatric experiences!
  7. by   TheCommuter
    1. Pediatric homecare/private duty
    2. Working in a pediatrician's office
    3. Working in a family practice office (you still get to see plenty of kids)
    4. Pediatric hospice
    5. Pediatric oncology
    6. Camp nursing
    7. School nursing
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  9. by   EMR*LPN
    i've seen lpns working as a school nurse...
  10. by   sincerebliss
    Thanks you all, if anyone has anymore that would be great!