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online program. Please give me the "lowdown". I've gotten the info from the school, and spoke with someone through email, but please, I need some first hand opinions. My questions for you are: How's... Read More

  1. by   txspadequeenRN
    several questions??

    1) anyone in texas doing this program?
    2) and do you still have to go through tcn for phase 2 ...
  2. by   adnerbe1
    [FONT=Fixedsys]That is my question as you have to go thru TCN for Phase 2?
    [FONT=Fixedsys]What if you are able to buy the Phase 2 study guides thru EBay or what if you think you can pass the tests without using TCN for Phase 2? Maybe this is a question for ISU. I plan on being ready to enroll in the Phase 2 portion in the Fall of 2008. I would also love to find anyone who is in Phase 2 or 3!
    [FONT=Fixedsys]Let's keep trying to find someone!
  3. by   wefdm21
    I don't think you need TCN for any portion of the program. I always spoke directly with someone from ISU when I researched the program. I would just go directly through the college. If you want to purchase the study guides as a supplement, then fine, but don't give away extra $$ to a third party.
  4. by   Old_Duffer
    I am newly registered with ISU via TCN. Still banging out my transcripts with them. Got tons of books and guides. I dumped excelsior in favor of this path.
    Would love to get with others in the program. Please contact me if you want to network.
  5. by   klevanlvn
    Well I just signed up with the college network. The money ya of course it does cost. everything does now days... but if i was to compare the time i spent in a JR college 2-3 days a week 3-4 hours each day and that is approx. 18 weeks for one class look at all the time i could of been working a regular shift or heck even a over time shift. i work for a prison so i have to take the chances of mandaotory ot (hold over) and then miss class it sucks so the stress of me not having to worry about going to class is all worth it to me. i am very active i have 3 duaghters i coach softball, soccer, volleyball and a room mom and presidnet of our boosters club at my daughters school . I am a active LVN in ca . Here in ca the list (waiting) to get in a lvn-rn program is unbearable almost like go into another field of work but when a girl at my work joined tcn and is getting ready to go into isu and seen her do it over the last few months i thought to me self i can do this. ya it is 12% with tcn but you can also get your own loan like i did and i am paying 3.9% through my bank for a personal loan. and alos did you see the rewards of refering someone it is great i have reffered 6 i only need 3 more look into it and ya they do ask for a down payment mine was only a 100.00 and i got my first module right there and then it was like if i had went to the college bookstore but usually i pay close to 300.00 book and a few scantrons ect... i have done alot of research re this isu program for ca lvn and according to the rn boards and many other resourses the program is legitate but in ca the program isu had to team up with sonoma unniversity to be able to qualify for ca boards and that just got underway in jan 2007 so currently ther eare no stats on the program becuase it is 4 semisters long and it has been over just alittle a year. i have call isu several several and spoke with different people and asked the same questions and got the same answers.
    yes it is true you can test out of the pre reqs with out tcn but to me they have done all the foot work i just follow plan and go with it less stressful to me and the more time i have not stressing its all worth it. like i said if you are a lvn in ca and are thinking about tcn and isu give me a line i have done alot of research and can prob. help you or give you the research sources i used to help me make my life changing goal.
    k.levan lvn ca
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  6. by   NurseCA
    Klevanlvn has been the most encouraging post regarding The College Network lvn-rn online program via Indiana State University. So far my searches online did not yield so positively so I'm really wary of the whole thing.

    I'd love to hear from people doing the program but that's part of the problem, not many reviews, I see posts from 2006 and 2007 and then vanish....

    I'm entertaining the idea of this program but like I said before,,, Im wary...

    Sabrosura: What ever happened to the meeting at home!?!?!

    See what I mean? Like the body snatchers,,, folks vanish....

    Well, I'll keep an eye on this topic and see what else develops.

  7. by   NurseCA
    Wow,,, not a single response yet...

    I'm can't find much in the 'net either,,, not sure about this program yet.

  8. by   lvnandmomx3
    Quote from adnerbe
    [FONT=Fixedsys]That is my question as you have to go thru TCN for Phase 2?
    [FONT=Fixedsys]What if you are able to buy the Phase 2 study guides thru EBay or what if you think you can pass the tests without using TCN for Phase 2? Maybe this is a question for ISU. I plan on being ready to enroll in the Phase 2 portion in the Fall of 2008. I would also love to find anyone who is in Phase 2 or 3!
    [FONT=Fixedsys]Let's keep trying to find someone!
    The other option is that if some one lives close to the ISU campus, the library has the phase II modules and they can be copied there. This info was posted my OP in another thread. I hav eonly seen 3 out of 4 of the phase II modules on ebay and they bidding got out of control. They also offer the phase II as blackboard classes, and I think I read somewhere that you can test out (even without the study guides).
  9. by   NurseCA
    Well, I think that it's safe to say that this program is either extremely rare and unpopular or in a world secrecy of its own just to give a conspiracy theory spin to it all,,,, (that was a joke, btw)

    Anyway, if anyone knows anything else about it, please chime in.
  10. by   mitczak
    Relatively new in the scheme of takes a while for folks to meet the admission criteria becuase of the pre-requisites...but there are yp to 30 or so admitted each fall...many just take 1 class at a time though as also have to work..and it is a real college....real work.....sometime folks think online is easier....I guarantee it is not.
  11. by   LVN_LosAngeles
    I'm also very interested in this program and at the same time, very wary and nervous about it. What i'm most nervous about is arranging the clinical portion...I've read from one of the other posting...that the waiting period from the time you submit a request for clinical site ...up until the actual approval, takes anywhere up to 4 mnths. I'm not too sure how it works, I've been trying to find out the answer, but unable to find a sure answer. I'm currently in CA, I only see 2 clinical sites approved. One in Fresno (I believe), and one in Kalazooka (something like that). I'm in LA, so it seems impossible for me to get to any of those 2 choices, as I have responsibilities here in LA to fullfill.

    I would appreciate it if anyone out there can share some infos with the rest of us about the clinical portion of this program. Can you arrange to go to any local hospital? In my case, LA...I'm surrounded by USC, LA county hospital, children hosp. of LA, and many many it would be sooo great if I can do clinicals locally. If only..... I've let almost 3 yrs passing by..just trying to get done with another yr of RN. I'm feeling a bit pathetic
  12. by   mitczak
    The process to arrange a new clinical site is on their web at

    The main problem comes when an agency wants something different than the university's general legal contract....the lawyers on both sides are the ones that drag it the key is starting to get a site(s) approved as soon as you are accepted into the program.
  13. by   LVN_LosAngeles
    How long is clinical? I think RN-BSN doesn't neeed clinical (right?) How about LVN-BSN? How many months or hours of clinicals needed? Anyone know?