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adnerbe1 has 36 years experience and specializes in Med Surg.

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  1. adnerbe1

    Seniority-Vacation-Straight Shifts

    Thanks! Brenda
  2. adnerbe1

    Seniority-Vacation-Straight Shifts

    Straight shifts are one shift whatever you decide. How many unions do you have at your hospital?
  3. adnerbe1

    Seniority-Vacation-Straight Shifts

    Hi, We are a union hospital. RN's are in one union and all other non-administration staff is in another union. When you transition from a CNA or LPN to an RN you of course change unions. You retain all sick time and vacation time accumulated using your original date of hire. I was hired in 1981 :) as an LPN, returned to school, graduated, and was hired in 2012, maintaining my full time status and never stopping employment. So my date of hire for vacation and sick time is 1981. We have a rule that after 20 years of continuous service (both unions have this) you can request straight shifts. The RN union is using date of hire in the RN Union for this benefit. This of course affects me and 9 other nurses. We would like to bring this to the bargaining table for the upcoming contract. We feel that continuous years of service should be from date of original hire. My question is... What do other hospitals (both union and non-union) do with seniority for vacation sign-ups and straight shifts/continuous years of service? Thanks for your time! Brenda
  4. adnerbe1

    Charge Nurse Template

    Hi all, I will be orienting to the Charge Nurse role soon. We are a small town hospital that still utilizes a "charge nurse" for all shifts. I am looking for a good communication tool that could be shared from shift to shift, charge nurse to charge nurse.Because we have just started nurse to nurse report at the bedside, the charge nurse will no longer be able to listen to all reports. Her duties include being available to all doctors for all patients and coordination of work flow/assignments. Any templates/communication tools out there to be shared :) ~Brenda
  5. adnerbe1

    Anyone attending Indiana State Univ...

    I sure do... I only have three but i could probably find someone at ISU who probably has the other! I will check and see what people are selling them for...any idea?
  6. adnerbe1

    Anyone attending Indiana State Univ...

    I can personally verify the above because I AM a student in the LPN-BSN program at ISU and Dr. Tammy is one of my instructors. Have a little faith in people.....Any more info needed, I would be happy to share!
  7. adnerbe1

    Anyone attending Indiana State Univ...

    Hi, I have 3 out of the 4 manuals for sale and I can probably find u the other one!
  8. adnerbe1

    Indiana State University Semester Schedule

    Hi, This my path. I am woking full time so I never take more than 2 classes... Spring 2010 N208 Transition N304 Health Assessment Summer I need to take Spanish 1 and 2 so no nursing courses for me. Fall 2010 N226 and N318 Spring 2011 N322 and N324 Summer 2011 N424 (6 credit class with 90 clinical hours) Fall 2011 N450 and N470 Spring 2012 N484 and N486 I still need to make my initial contact with my advisor so I will keep you posted! Brenda
  9. You are welcome! Hope to "see you" at ISU next fall. Brenda
  10. Yes you can. First apply to ISU as a general student. Once you get accepted, you get a Student ID#. Once you have that number you will be able to register for the 4 challenge exams. I took 4 weeks per test and passed all within a 4 month period. That should be in plenty of time to apply to the School of Nursing by June 1st! http://www1.indstate.edu/nursing/programs/bs/lpn-bs/lpn-bs-admission-criteria.htm- this link explains. Brenda
  11. Hi, You will have to take and pass all 4 tests and pass a TEAS Test by June 1st for a Fall acceptance. You must also have the required Phase 1 prereq as well. They are ENG 107 or equivalent, Psy 101, Chem 100 with a lab, Comm 101, Math 111 or higher and A&P 1&2. See this link http://catalog.indstate.edu/preview_program.php?catoid=7&poid=1198&bc=1 Brenda
  12. Good Luck in your decision! Brenda
  13. Yeah.....i am accepted! I will take NUR 208 and 304 next semester! I am so excited to be finally here! Anyonen else hear? Brenda
  14. Hi , Anyone hear from ISU yet regarding admission for Spring 2010? Is there anyone out there who has applied for Spring semester? Brenda
  15. You can apply to ISU anytime. I applied, got a Student ID # and then sent my scores in. You do not have to have any classes to apply to the University. Your Phase 1 and 2 classes/tests need to all be completed before you apply to the college of nursing, so you apply first to ISU and then to the college of nursing and that could be a year or so apart. Brenda

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