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Has anyone had any of their LPN NURSING class credits transfer into the RN at EC. I am waiting for my official evaluation and was told by my EC adviser that this was possible. She told me not to take any EC classes until I got the official eval because I may have some of my nursing classes transfer, in addition to general ed. like A&P. My unofficial eval has me taking all of the RN nursing classes (7 of them) except Essentials Differences. Thanks for your input.


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Never heard of LPN classes transferring. I have heard of people who go through almost all of a traditional RN program and fails out at the end--and EC doesnt award them ANY credit for their courses---so Id brace myself to take all 7...I'll cross my fingers for you though! Good luck!


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Your official eval is not likely to change from the unofficial one ... the only reason they do an "official" eval when you enroll is that they and you are then bound by the curriculum that is currently in place.


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I doubt they will transfer any nursing classes. Alot of us were LPN before and we had to take all 8 test. Congratulations for taking the EC plunge. Its a great program and totally doable.

LPN's get a break on the second exam period. But she's right - wait esp. on gen eds.

And congratulations on taking the step to enroll!


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Have never heard of EC giving credit for any nursing classes, either LPN or RN. They didn't give me credit for mine. They do give credit for general ed classes though.

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