LPN NCLEX very easy....... Worried about RN NCLEX


Hello to all. I took LPN NCLEX and pass, actually I thought the Test was really easy. I didn't study that much and I only used Saunders comprehensive review. I study for about one week, 2hrs a day. Now it's time for me to take RN NCLEX, but I don't have the drive to study because I'm thinking the test will be easy. :icon_roll:uhoh3: Do any one else feel that RN NCLEX was easy or didn't require alot of studying?


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I took my NCLEX-PN five years ago then took my NCLEX-RN in August. I would say to study, it is not like the LPN test. Consider using Suzanne's Plan. Whichever way you decide to study I wish you the best. Good luck. Remember, it is a different test. :smokin: STUDY,STUDY,STUDY!

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RN is different to PN, I would seriously consider some sort of study plan

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Took my NCLEX PN 3 years ago, and my NCLEX RN this year. I can honestly say the RN test is a different sort of beast. I used the same testing center, so the routine was the same but that was where the similarities ended.

I would urge you to use some sort of study plan. I have a friend that went into the RN test without studying because she felt the PN test was easy. She will be retesting in a few weeks.

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