The difference between LPN and CNA?

  1. I thought the CNA's feed,bathe and all that..then what is the LPN's duty?
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  3. by   JWEMT
    drug administration(injections), Nursing care Plans, blood pressure, dressings to name a few
  4. by   Tricia76
    But the LPN's have to bathe and feed to don't they?
  5. by   JWEMT
    if necessary yes
  6. by   Tricia76
    So when you take LPN classes do you learn in there how to bathe and all that? See I love the medical field and I am just not sure what I wanna do..So thats why I have all these questions
  7. by   JWEMT
    yes you learn all of that because you have to supervise the CNA and you need to know what they do.
  8. by   student4ever73
    I am taking LPN classes now. In order to be admitted into my school's LPN program, we have to hold current CNA certification. Therefore we didn't cover bathing, feeding, and so on because we've already learned how to do that during CNA training. Our first semester of LPN classes started with medication administration and pharmacology, and we also learned basic dressing changes. I am at the end of second semester now, where we have been writing care plans, learning more in-depth about body systems, and going to clinicals at one of the hospitals. We take care of our assigned patient(s) including personal care if needed, and give their meds. We can hang IV meds, but cannot start IVs. Only RNs can do that here.

    Basically, like a previous poster said, you will need to learn those things because you may still have to do them, and will most likely be supervising CNAs at some point.

    Good luck!
  9. by   tavia_yeung
    I want to enroll in the LVN program maybe this Fall if I can get in so thanks all for the replies b/c it give us some ideas what LPN/LVN tasks are like out there.
  10. by   Fiona59
    Quote from Tricia76
    But the LPN's have to bathe and feed to don't they?
    Every working nurse, regardless of classification has to be able and willing to perform these basic care tasks. You get the opportunity to assess your patient as you assist them. I've worked with NPs who perform the most basic of care on their addicted patients.

    The best managers on the floor is the one who will roll up their sleeves and help care for a patient.

    Whoever finds the code brown, cleans the code brown is my managers words to live by and before you question the value of her time vs. an NA's to perform basic pericare, ask yourself how much is the patients dignity worth.
  11. by   pagandeva2000
    Yes, a nurse on any level is taught basic care which includes bathing, oral care, toileting, etc... Also, there are places that do not employ CNAs at all...who else would be doing these tasks then, but nurses?

    It promotes more teamwork when the CNAs note that the LPNs and RNs will not turn their noses up at the so called dirty work. The CNA that appreciates this will also be the more observant ones who will tell you if your patient's status is going south.
  12. by   lilmamastar
    LVN's can become IV certified California the LVN school I will be attending certifies their LVN's look up your state website to see if u can become certified
  13. by   SuesquatchRN
    The day I was accepted by the adies was the day that I, as the unit manager and told by the aide that she didn't need help, threw on a johnny and gloves and helped her clean up the massive traveled-up-to-her-neck and down-to-her-feet code brown.

    Every CNA duty is a nursing duty. Every LPN duty is an RN duty. There are things the LPN can do that the CNA can't and that the RN can do that the others can't. But they are all, including bed making and clean ups, nursing duties.