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well for me it's going pretty good. so far i have an A in f.o.n., A&P, finished my pvc class with a high B. my first three nutrition tests were super easy. i can't understand why some of my... Read More

  1. by   Netta73
    I am only 4weeks into the program with A/P and Pharmacology. I have high B's and about to take midterms so hopefully I will have a's. The end of the first module is in 2 more weeks and I cannot wait to be out of pharmacology. Other than that, I am really enjoying the program.
  2. by   vienna22
    I'm in my last two weeks of my first med surg and i must say its challenging. Our instructor wanted us to start thinking more as to want a nurse wold do in certain situations rather than just learning about anatomy of the body. I think its challenging but if nursing is what you really want, then this is going to be interesting and the bulk of what nurses really do in the real world. I had to dig deep for med surg . I would say for our school we focused on nurse management and physiology. Good luck on your journey, this is one the best times of our lives yet. God bless.
  3. by   nccatim
    i finished myfirst semester and on to the next which is mental health and pharmacology. we only have 3 exams in MH and it is honestlyl kind of freaking me out. I''m not good with exams. There's a TON due, group projects due bythe second week, attend 4 support groups and papers...anyone with some encouraging words? it doesn't helpthat our class started with 20 and now we have 10. and this is only the second semester. Any advice to keep going and not freak out would be great
  4. by   LilKwonie
    just got done yesterday!! i did great just like all the other students that graduated with me. we had so many people fail out though so that was kind of sad. just gotta get ready for my nclex now. any advice on how to prepare for this?
  5. by   dblpn
    Quote from Lamie
    I have four more weeks till graduation! Just finished my second med surge rotation today. I have to tell you, there was a time in my second/third quarter where I seriously doubted that I wanted to be a nurse anymore. Thought about quitting - my grades were and are excellent, but the clinicals freaked me out (mostly d/t instructors, not so much the hands-on part). Glad I stuck it out though, because I really enjoyed this last med surge rotation. I can totally see myself working in the hospital on a med surge floor. Love the pace and I think I'd love it even more once an instructor is not breathing down your neck every step of the way. Even when they are nice, I found it unnerving at times to be watched all the time.

    Good luck to everybody, I'm so excited to be a nurse soon!
    CONGRATS!!! you're so lucky i'm jealous. lol
  6. by   LilKwonie
    Oh you should not be jealous. I'm impending doom of Nclex at the moment.
  7. by   MrsJersey
    I started my LPN program in June and lets just say the cattyness has already started. I try at all odds to ignore it but it still gets frustrating. As far as the actual material goes I have a 96 average so far. The work to me is time consuming but doable. There are a few students in my class that are not passing so far and a lot more that are just tettering on the brink so I guess what one may find easy others not so much. It's great to hear all of you other SPN's speak out...AWESOME!!
  8. by   coookie
    UUUGGGHHH...i feel like im at the worse school ever!...but i should be graduating in september or october...cant wait to get out...this school isnt professional in the least bit!
  9. by   Gen2Nurse
    I am 10 weeks in, and loving it. While it is challenging, it's also wonderful being challenged (especially after doing the Mom thing for the past 8 years). I am amazed that I have a 97% class average, and clinicals are going well too. I do focus more than several of my classmates. We have lost 2 so far, mostly due to not meeting deadlines. The tests are not that hard if you study, so I am really suprized that many in my class have failed tests. I can see a big difference between those who are a little older and the ones who are in their early 20's. I think back and remember myself then, and can totally relate to them. With nursing, you have to be serious and proffessional! If you don't waste time joking around or complaining, then you can really focus and its not that hard. Wish me luck that I keep my momentum!
  10. by   MattiesMama
    I'm towards the end of my second mod now and I'm feeling good...I'm doing a lot better than I did my last mod. I have an A average in both classes (A&P and Funds) and I'm doing soooo much better in clinical. I'm finally starting to "feel" like a nurse and not just a fumbling student.

    There is a TON of cattyness and immaturaty in my class though, and it's like the teachers egg it on. I'm growing less and less of a tolerance for it, I had to actually leave early last week because I was growing so angry that I thought I might snap, just at seeing the way people treat each other. It's so sad to me, I thought that I would make tons of friends in Nsg. school because I would be in there with like-minded people but I feel like a lot of them are in there just because they think they will get a big fat paycheck at the end and don't take any of it seriously and could give a crud about the patients. In the mean time, I get picked on because I am genuinely interested in learning everything I can and I truly have a passion for this...apparently that makes me a brown-nosing weirdo who tries too hard. And someone apparently figured out my class number (they post the grades up under that) and now people know what I get on tests before I do. I have met a few great friends and they keep me from completely losing it but the rest of my classmates...I don't wish ill on anyone but I won't be shedding any tears when reality smacks them in the face and they get weeded out
  11. by   Graduate2010
    Hello Everyone!
    Just started back for the last 9 months of my 18mth program throught the Vocational school in Hampton, Va. Things are moving pretty quickly. WE have had three chapters this week, we statted clinicals Friday, and I have an article due on anything regarding the older ausult because are are curretnly on Longtern Care. We will be doing longterm for the next couple of weeks. The insturctor is alot more concise and does not mind giving out the work. Looks like time management is the biggest thing for this level and grasping the information as we go through. I see long nights and lots.....and lots of coffee. LOL

    Will keep in touch.


  12. by   sjessamy
    Well mine starts on the 31st of this month...ive never been so excited to go to school in my life...and ive been going to school since preschool and im almost 23 now....hopefully i will do very well and can handle the workload....but i can wait to graduate next June
  13. by   sjessamy
    very true matties mom....