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well for me it's going pretty good. so far i have an A in f.o.n., A&P, finished my pvc class with a high B. my first three nutrition tests were super easy. i can't understand why some of my... Read More

  1. by   ybstressed
    omg i just took my finals (for the 1st semester) and i'm so ready for my summer ( 1week) break! a week wouldn't seem like a lot to most people but to a nursing student its like a month of sleeping in, eating better, and seeing friends. the first two weeks where a little rough but once i got in the groove it was pretty easy. my class started with 12 (online course) and we end with 11. we lost one to the dreaded med-surg! everyone else in our course is making a's to high b's.

  2. by   LpAngel81
    I have 73 days and counting left in class and thats including weekends, and holidays. Grad date is 7/24/09 I can't wait we are in OB now we go to Pedi next then finish up med surgII and geri clinicals. we started with 39 and are down to 20. I can't wait to be done.
  3. by   dblpn
    That's great LpAngel. i have about 9 months to go, cant wait until it's OVER! i got the feeling we're gonna lose a few students soon and i really hate it because a few of them are really trying to balance school, work, kids. they would make excellent nurses. then there are those who think they could party on the weekends and crash for a test they should've studied for over that weekend, and now it's coming back to bite them in the fanny. we got midterms next week before clinicals and some of these gals don't know didilly squat about the simplest things that they should've read and studied over. i know this when they ask the teacher a thousand and one questions.

    it's really sad that they would waste their education after going through all the preparations to get into class. if they would stop texting to friends/family and other things that should be done outside of classroom hours, then maybe things would be different for them.
  4. by   LovingLife16
    I got pinned today! 26 of us graduated out of an original class of 30. Keep your heads up, everyone, it's all worth it in the end!
  5. by   LpAngel81
    wow congrats to you, did you get your date yet for the nclex
  6. by   FutureLPN/RN09
    Quote from futurelpngirl
    I'm doing great. I just finished up with my first trimester. I did great in all my classes. This has been a very intense 4 months. We will be out next week then we start with second trimester and will start clinicals the second week back I'm so nervous yet so excited.
    Girl, u sound like me. I just finished my 1st semester yesterday. Very intense for me as well.:Crash:..a lot of study groups, books and are out for 2 weeks...i go on Monday to register fo my next class...and start back the 26th of this month We start clincals the 2nd week 2...what nursing school do u go to?...Excited and nervous as well...Good luck...
  7. by   Rylee2008
    At the school I go to the first year you can get your LPN and the last year you can get your RN. We started with 40 and we are down to 28. It is really sad to see friends not make it though the program. I graduate May 21 and then off to finish my RN next year. Good luck everyone.
  8. by   fwardlaw147
    I am in my third week of LPN school in TN. I love every minute of it. I love the program, the instructors, the fellow students. It is just one big lovefest. I can't lie. It is not perfect, but I think what is making our classes so wonderful is that we work hard to resolve our personal problems and get on with the business of obtaining our diploma.

    We test one to three times daily and require an 80 average in every course to remain in the problem. While we have instruction during class time, it s stressed that we need to be self-taught as well. I believe this is because we won't always have someone on the floor in the real world to explain every situation so we better learn how to research things now.

    So far, my performance is fairly decent. I am doing my best and find that maintaining a routine that I and my support network can manage and keep has been the key to my success. Oh, and identifying studying with the other serious students in the class really helps me find motivation for the days I feel it is impossible to learn so many chapters in so few hours.

    Oh well, back to practicing how to make a bed.

    Take care.


    I love reading everyone's stories on here. They help me navigate through school a great deal.
  9. by   SC Chick LPN2RN
    Quote from nursing student 19
    I'm doing great ! I have 3 more months to go. I've been hanging around the low 80's but I'm passing all of my exams atleast. Can't wait to become a LPN !
    I wish you luck! I have three more months also and then I graduate. However, for some reason it seems like OB and PEDs are very difficult I did well with the other courses but it seems like the closer I get the harder it get but I'm staying focus on the prize and maintaining my 3.4 GPA.

    Take care!
  10. by   HartfordSPN
    I have one semester left, and i am so excited. Just had my practice nclex-pn and was told by the director of the program that i did well for the first try.So of course that is a big incentive to hang on. Just finished Maternity and Psychiatrict Nursing (A)as a final grade in both classes(whew!!!) thank GOD...
    class of 2010
  11. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Just finished Medsurg 2 yesterday and Passed ! Thank God ! Next week I start my last nursing course for my LPN and in 72 days I have my Pinning ! Whoo Hoo.
  12. by   dblpn
    Has any of you in your IV therapy class (that's what we got in my program) needed to get a seperate book for doing IV's? the book is pretty pricey and i didn't need a seperate book for IV therapy when i was in rn school. so i'm just wondering is it worth the money.

    btw, i'm glad all of you are doing so well. i have the ati exam coming up soon after the first semester is over and not looking forward to that or hesi exist. those type of exams, eventhough i'm doing well in my classes, makes me so nervous.
  13. by   LpAngel81
    Myprogram doesn't have a seperate IV therapy class, its incorporated into Math and Meds... We took a one ati test at the end of phase I it was just a practice one and everybody did ok i guess b/c no one was spoken to about their score the one we take in July is the one that counts for us to sit for our boards