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I am a nursing student hoping to start my clinicals in January. I have a passio for obstetrics so i will probably get my rn license after my lpn certification.

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  1. FutureLPN/RN09

    So how's everyone doing in their lpn program?

    Girl, u sound like me. I just finished my 1st semester yesterday. Very intense for me as well.:Crash:..a lot of study groups, books and highlighters...lol...:typingWe are out for 2 weeks...:cheers:i go on Monday to register fo my next class...and start back the 26th of this month We start clincals the 2nd week 2...what nursing school do u go to?...Excited and nervous as well...Good luck...
  2. FutureLPN/RN09

    Passed my 1st Lpn Course!

    I am so happy and i start my next nursing course in 2 weeks...im so excited and relieved...:yeah:I actually made it...
  3. FutureLPN/RN09

    Homework/Study time

    I dont start until Monday but for my A&P class we were recommended to study 2 hours per hour spent in class...so u do the math....
  4. FutureLPN/RN09

    How do you prefer to take notes...???

    Okay u got it....
  5. FutureLPN/RN09

    How do you prefer to take notes...???

    Well i dont start until Monday but i would suggest a tape recorder....and laptop or notebook...?...i wont know until i start...lol
  6. FutureLPN/RN09

    All new LPN students

    hey we start the same day...i cant wait...omg....! im scared but i will not give up....:banghead:
  7. FutureLPN/RN09

    How expensive is your program?

    The cost of my program for the year is 9,000
  8. I'm doing LPN so it will be easier to do my RN...i start my first clinical course on Monday...wish me luck....i think it is easier to be working as a nurse while doing your rn because u will be getting the experience in class and some @ work.
  9. FutureLPN/RN09


    I just got my acceptance letter and i will be starting in Jan 09...I was waiting a long time to say this on here...lol... I am so excited yet scared @ the same time... are there any posts on here that give advice or helpful hints for new lpn students if so please let me know...and oh yeh... CONGRATS to everyone who got their acceptance letters... Here we go...:typing:wink2::)
  10. FutureLPN/RN09

    LPN Starting Salary

    To all the LPN's out there who r underpayed and r still working... i commend u......im still going for my lpn license... no matter what
  11. FutureLPN/RN09

    HELP! I got dismissed from my nursing school

    Its a cruel world out here...and whether u were right or wrong. What matters now is what you do next. If u want to continue @ this school then i would advise you not to sue....but if you want justice and if u r ok with going to a different school then take their behinds to court...but regardless of what decision you make...DO NOT let this stop you from achieving your dream... :nono:You only fail when you quit...So say a prayer b4 u make any decision and never give up...and keep on going until you have that piece of paper in your hand...at that moment...all the hard times would have been worth it all...:):cheers: Much luck to u....everything will work out fine...;)
  12. FutureLPN/RN09


    Well I took Human Biology in summer 2 session...i passed but barely... I had 71...so it is possible but if u can take it in the fall or spring please do that...
  13. FutureLPN/RN09

    looking for night LPN program in NY / NJ

    Well i dont start the program until january... and yes the classes are on fri and sat. as far as the make-up options... i have no clue... the next program starts this jan.
  14. FutureLPN/RN09

    Spring 2009 Classes

    Well Im taking PNU 190 and AP I
  15. FutureLPN/RN09

    looking for night LPN program in NY / NJ

    Union County College in Cranford ( where i go ) have night PN classes...
  16. FutureLPN/RN09

    What school are you going to?

    Union County College - Cranford, NJ